Vaas, The Lovable Madman

It’s Vaas time now, it’s been more than a month since our first article about the gaming characters, which was an indescribably great success on our social media pages, so the decision to return for the second round was right in my opinion, anyway that’s not the topic The main one that we will go through today, because by the nature of the “Gaming Characters” series, we bring the unique characters in the gaming world, and our character today is Vaas, as mentioned above, the archenemy of all the good guys in Far Cry in its third part, but these qualities are not reflected in the imposition of the good guys on the opinions of the good guys. Players, because Vaas is, if not mostly, the hero in Far Cry 3, whether in terms of unspeakable spark, plot, and more.

Vaas’ life is barren, empty…blood before his eyes and crimes haunt him

Vaas first appeared on screens in Far Cry 3, but behind the scenes is what matters most to building that character. Born during the 1980s, Vaas lived his life and grew up in the Rock Islands where he was an important member of the mysterious Rakyat team. , and let us say that this simple life of little events has created us a monster, although it was the closest person to his sister Citra, but she was the first prey of our hero Vaas, and fell victim to his savagery and savagery. And like any criminal’s life, “drugs” were an integral part of Vaas’ life, but it became an unspeakable addiction during the past decade (in 2012 specifically), and believe dear reader or not… his life was still empty with all these Indifference to bloodshed and illegal acts of all shapes and sizes, all before one day he meets the island’s most famous merchant, Hoyt Volker. Life turns upside down, Vaas knocks on evil from the widest of its doors, somehow makes contact with “Volker” and becomes a helping hand to him, and although he is a minor character in the game or in evil in general, he becomes the leader of the pirates, the greatest traitor In the world of games by raping the land in which he lived and doing everything from killing to stealing and everything that comes to your mind.

A royal life equals slavery

Violating the interest of “Rock Island” and treating its people like slaves is something that was required and obligatory to implement his plans that bring him livelihood, such as forcing the island’s farmers to plant “drugs” and the spread of oppression and injustice as life became dark for the island’s residents, without color, taste or smell, as they say, and if you tell us, that man has many motives for making a living only, we will tell you sometimes because with Vaas treachery was unleashed by putting the Rakyat band who lived with them in the category of slaves, or second-class citizens.. you name it what you like.

“Imagine, that you raise a person from scratch, a life without purpose, without anything, and you think that he is a member of your family, regardless of your bad deeds and the crimes you commit, to make him a real human being because the paths are closed to you, and at a time and when the student becomes a teacher, but also the greatest teacher.”

Another poor fellow, stranded for fun

The dust is always coming, the winds of trouble and uneasiness blew again which was at first a new treasure chest, and here we mean the actual protagonist Jason who once went to Bangkok for a different and unique vacation (it was already), the madness has He arrived at “Jason”, where he and his friends parachuted over the sinister island to receive an unparalleled welcome with weapons, and the first appearance of the hero “Jason” in front of “Fez” face to face, “The sea is before you and the enemy is behind you!”. The welcome didn’t do the trick and instead of killing them, he put them in prison or the place where the hostile mortals were enslaved to the land of King Vaas (which he became by force actually). His ally, unfortunately, Vaas resorted to the easy and usual way of asking for a ransom from his parents in exchange for his release, his parents were not late but money has lost Vaas’s mind and he likes to take advantage of Jason’s skills in exploiting him as a slave too for the benefit of whoever buys him.

Mistakes seem big when the verb is small at first

Vaas kept making money and more money to satisfy his endless desires and cravings, and with Vaas busy with his criminal life, “Jason” was standing in sight until he had the chance to escape from Vaas’s grip, and indeed it was time for them to escape from the predicament he and his friend had fallen into. He meant but our villain Vaas was present with his weapon that he did not hesitate to shoot Jason’s friend in the neck and bled to death, but Vaas let Jason run to get some thrill, we guess. Vaas was cunning enough to make Jason Ouad kneel to him for holding his girlfriend, Lisa, who is being held hostage on purpose. They’re on fire, yes..with them, because he took Oliver with him to make a living, Vaas left Jason and Lisa in the building that was ravaged by fire, and luckily Jason and Lisa’s escape has worked, or unfortunately for us as players. Good luck was ally Vaas again as he saw “Jason” for the second time and this time he scolded them with a truck whose inhabitants claim it was transporting slaves, but it wasn’t, we don’t know if it was some kind of bait but all that matters is that Jason, He is at the mercy of Vaas again, and is determined to drown him “like it or not”.

The alarm sounded, the moment of farewell

Jason escaped his drowning attempt by saving his friends with a helicopter, but Vaas was quick to celebrate with his friends Jason’s death. Vaas and Vaas is finished forever, but before Vaas is finished he first stabs Jason in the chest as he falls into something like sleep with a little daydream, and now it’s Jason’s turn to stab Vaas with more than one stab for example, and this is due to its strength and the severity of the structure of Fez, but death is inevitable. Here we’ve lost one of the best gaming characters we’ve ever had, it’s become somewhat of a benchmark for the rest of the evil characters, “Is that character as crazy as “Fas”, was he melancholic and traitorous, was the character written brilliantly like Vaas, it’s It becomes a saying when we see a new villain in the gaming world.

The last word

Despite the amount of publicity there was initially before Far Cry 3 was released with images affixed to Vaas, his journey ended here, beginning on Rock Island and ending in the same home, I can’t tell for now that his journey is over, but in the hope of Far Cry 6 that Vaas appears again and that this young boy who appeared in the reveal trailer for Far Cry 6 becomes a depiction of the life of old Vaas with its fat and flesh, can we see “Fas” again? I don’t know. but No matter how I say it is a character that has been engraved in my head over the years and until the end.


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