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Ugreen Gan 65w Charger: The Best Charger For Apple Devices

After the announcement of the iPhone 13 from Apple, which will come as usual without the charger, because Apple sees that this helps to preserve the environment from pollution, and if you plan to upgrade and buy an iPhone 13 or own one of the previous versions of the iPhone other than what you own from other devices, whether laptop Or even another Android phone, you will need a powerful charger like UGREEN GaN 65W PD Fast Charger that can charge your iPhone, even Android devices, simultaneously and quickly.

UGREEN is a shining name in the field of electronic accessories and accessories, as well as consumer technology products. The company provides high-quality accessories for Apple devices at affordable prices that suit everyone’s budget. Accessories range from USB hubs, chargers, wireless earbuds, and also has an impressive selection of smart phone holders suitable for any device and when the company launches Any product is often among the best in its class.

How does the UGREEN 65W PD Fast Charger work?

UGREEN provides a practical solution when Apple and Android companies decided to get rid of the charger in the phone box, as it launched the distinctive charger UGREEN GaN 65W PD Fast Charger, which was innovatively designed to suit the use of all people anywhere and charge a group of phones and devices with ease and in a short time.

The UGREEN 65W PD Fast Charger is a GaN charger that works with GaN, an innovative technology that promises cooler and more efficient charging in a more compact form, which is why these chargers quickly join the best charging accessories for smartphones and electronic devices and when innovation combines with expertise, the result is a charger Compact UGREEN GaN 65W PD Fast with 65W charging power and four ports to connect and charge your various devices very quickly.

Unlike most heavy-duty and bulky laptop chargers, the UGreen GaN Charger can be described as 50% smaller and weighs 165g, the charger offers 4 ports, three USB-C(Type-C) and one USB-A allowing you to charge 4 different devices simultaneously, this means that you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, as well as your Mac, even your iPad. And don’t worry because the UGREEN charger is one of the best accessories you will need for different Apple products.

The UGREEN GaN 65W PD Fast Charger comes in a small size thanks to a gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor material that supports higher voltages while generating less heat, so according to the company the charger has a high charging efficiency, although you can use all four ports at the same time to charge For your different devices, the UGREEN charger will distribute power based on the capacity of each port and the demand of each device and if you want to charge your entire laptop quickly, the company recommends charging the device on the first two ports only.

UGREEN GaN 65W PD Fast Charger Capabilities & Testing

The 65W UGREEN charger has revolutionary GaN technology for efficient charging with multiple devices simultaneously. In terms of charging capabilities, the USB-A port can output up to 22.5W while the first and second USB-C port can deliver 65W charging capacity, and the third USB-C port can deliver up to 24W.

GaN technology is a type of advanced semiconductor material that makes the UGREEN charger lighter and powers nearly all known devices in their charging protocols without compromising safety. The charger supports charging various Apple devices, including iPhone 13 and earlier versions of the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

It is the only charger that can handle different Apple products without any problem and without having to bring or connect other adapters in order to charge your Apple devices. The universal compatibility means that we can use any of the 4 ports and charge a Nintendo Switch, AirPods Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, and DSLR camera.

It charges iPhone and iPad up to 15-25 minutes faster than competing chargers, and it also handles heat stress well and doesn’t get hot when charged at 65W. GaN technology also enables safe charging on three USB C ports and one USB A port, the internal temperature will not exceed 80°C while the outer surface will not exceed 50°C.

We did a test of the charger, charging several devices and calculating the time needed to reach 100% charging, and the results were as follows:

  • Charging the iPhone SE 2020 with a capacity of 18 watts in 2 hours.
  • Charging your iPhone 11 Pro to 18W in 2 hours and 16 minutes.
  • Charge your iPhone 11 Pro Max to 18W in 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Charge your Samsung Galaxy S21 to 25W in 1 hour and 14 minutes.
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 65W laptop charges in 2 hours 35 minutes.

Finally, if you use multiple devices on a daily basis, charging them can be tricky especially when you have different chargers for each device. That’s why you need the UGREEN GaN 65W PD Fast Charger that not only charges your Android phone or iPhone and tablet but can also charge your USB-C laptop, Nintendo Switch, even Apple MacBooks all at up to 65 speed Watts to charge your devices and smartphones at once



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