Top 10 Games In Which You Can Earn Cryptocurrency While Playing

Games are part of human culture. As an industry, analysts predict that games will generate $ 218.7 billion in 2024. They have influenced people’s lives more than we think. In addition to developing games, competing in esports, buying and selling in-game items, and running tournaments, you can earn millions of dollars.

In the past, games have drawn contempt from critics who argued that games were bad for you. This was frowned upon and considered a waste of time. However, this belief may be old. Recent research shows that gaming has many benefits.

Research shows that gaming has cognitive benefits. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also changed its antagonistic stance towards games. During the pandemic, WHO prescribed video games to stop the spread of COVID-19. Add in the ability to make money by playing, and now games are contributing more to the global economy than video game sales.

10. Town Star

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: GALA

Town Star was born from the founder of Zynga and FarmVille and Words with Friends. Developed by Gala Games, Town Star quickly caught the interest of many gamers, especially those who really loved playing FarmVille back in 2009.

The game begins with the player choosing an empty land. Strategically, you must choose your land correctly and eventually build your own city.

The game requires you to complete a six-day cycle and then the world map. Not only the world map is discarded, but also the player’s achievements. Each cycle the player receives NFT, GALA tokens and much more.

In fact, Town Star recently released their Miranda-themed Town Star skins, which are designed to increase skill and speed in the player’s “city”.

This game is perfect for those who are already a master of Farmville and Words with Friends as it is easy to play like these two.

9. Revomon

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: REVO

Revomon is an online role-playing game that delivers an immersive virtual reality experience using the most innovative technologies such as NFT. Through this, Revomon allows players to truly experience the value of blockchain gaming and the benefits of blockchain technology.

Revomon is now available in alpha version of the game. This means that the experience increases, the same with the earnings during the game. The team is currently working on the next alpha version 1.2, which will combine 3D graphics and NFT.

With several features included, the social aspect, storyline and competition in the game will be improved. Revomon helps players earn cryptocurrency in a secure market.

8. Splinterlands

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: SPS

Splinterlands is next on the list. In Splinterlands, players can collect cards with different characteristics and abilities. These cards are also used to fight other players in skill-based matches.

Through blockchain integration, Splinterlands allows players to buy, sell and exchange their assets. Receiving rewards in tournaments, ranked games and quests makes it easy for players to earn.

In fact, Splinterlands is cross-compatible with Ethereum, Tron and WAX blockchains. It also uses the Hive crypto wallet, which automatically generates your game credits when you sign up for a game.

7. Sorare

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: SOR, ETH

This game is sure to please football fans. Sorare NFT football platform, embedded on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a collectible card game featuring soccer players from all over the world. With these collectibles, the player can form a virtual soccer team and compete against other players in various active leagues.

The game is based on real-life games and therefore allows the player to create squads, choose a captain and earn points. Collectible cards in Sorar have individual levels of uniqueness and rarity – Rare, Super Rare, Unique. You can earn weekly prizes by defeating managers and every game to level up and reach divisions.

Sorare recently revealed that there will be 1 / 1,000-deficit limited maps coming soon, which will increase players’ chances of participating in Division 5 of Global All-Star Football.

Sorare uses NFT – the player can sell, buy or exchange cards using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.

6. Alien Worlds

  • Cryptocurrency / Token Used: Trilium Fungible Token, ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX

Alien Worlds is an emerging NFT DeFi metauniverse that offers competition and collaboration between players.

In the metaverse Alien Worlds, you can control the planet. The player can purchase NFT game cards (Earth on planets, Tools, Weapons, Avatars, Minions and Artifacts), mine Trilium, fight other players and complete in-game quests. You need to strategically select, purchase and build NFTs for your personal gameplay as this can completely influence the direction of the game.

The cryptocurrency used by Alien Worlds is Trilium on the ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX fungible token. It can be used to participate and vote in elections for a specific Planet, and is also distributed among the Federation tasked with creating a functional Metaversalee economy.

5. CryptoBlades

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: SKILL

Cryptoblades is one of many NFT RPG games developed by Riveted Games, an award-winning video game developer. With the power of the BSC and the blockchain, CryptoBlades have evolved into a robust game in which players can earn long-term rewards.

To play CryptoBlades, you need an internet connection to play on their web gaming platform. First, the game implies that the player can control his NFTs (weapons and characters) with the right to sell and exchange them in the in-game market. However, each transaction requires a small fee.

CryptoBlades uses the SKILL token. The player receives SKILL tokens whenever he defeats his opponent.

4. Lost Relics

Lost Relics is a game with a lot of items. It is an action-adventure RPG (ARRP backed by the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the most famous and popular NFT games to date, in which players can easily earn rewards such as gold coins and other blockchain elements. can be sold on the open market at high prices due to their rarity.

To play the game, you have to fight monsters, complete quests, invade dungeons, collect as many rare trophies as possible and get income from it. The player can get valuable items through quests, events and meetings.

3. Axie Infinity

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: AXS

Axie Infinity is the game that popularized the term “play to make money” and will go down in history as the first game to fulfill the dream of many players to make money from the game.

The game allows users to buy, sell, breed and trade Axies. They are cute round NFT creatures with different skill sets that you can use in combat. In the game, you can play in adventure mode or compete with other players in PVP mode. This is where you can earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP), a cryptocurrency that can be used to grow new axioms. You can also convert SLP to fiat currency through crypto exchanges.

Axie Infinity is the fastest growing Play to Earn blockchain game at the moment. Right now, the game has 500,000 daily users. It also recently surpassed NBA Top Shot in all-time NFT sales.

2. Illuvium

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: ILV

Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Like Axie Infinity, it is a robust gaming DeFi that allows you to earn ETH.

It is a 3D RPG with an anticipated storyline and an open and explorable landscape. A unique feature of Illuvium is the Illuvials. Each Illuvials has its own characteristics, design and equipment. In addition, each has its own rarity with different abilities.

In the game, you fight other players and you can collect these illuvials in the shards stored in the block chain. You can also go to Trade if you want to trade these Illuvials with other players and keep an eye out for rare ones such as Shiny, Gold and Holographic Captures.

1. My DeFi Pet

  • Cryptocurrency / token used: DPET

My DeFi Pet may be one of the most promising future NFT games right now. The game has many convenient mechanisms for earning and playing. Similar to Axie Infinity, My DeFi Pet also includes breeding, development, and combat systems in NFT features.

In-game DPET token – you can use it to buy pets, upgrade monsters, and even unlock their abilities. Of course, in addition to tokens, you can also receive other rewards from the game.

It is similar to Farmville in that you feed the monsters with the “harvest” and the graphics are comparable to Dragon City, since here you can also “breed monsters”.

However, since it is still in beta, people are still not able to reach the full potential of the game. According to the roadmap, people can expect additional features like PvP battle, campaign mode, daily quest, pet expedition, endless tower, new interface, cage sale function, pet skill system, etc.

In the meantime, play My DeFi Pet to your heart’s content, especially as the team behind it is committed to delivering updates on the game. Also, wait patiently for the Play to Earn feature to open.


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