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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

In the world of games there are a set of prevailing combinations, for example, it is usual to find an action and adventure game, an action shooting game, a racing simulation game and many famous combinations, but it is rare to find a game that offers a visual novel synthesis or what is known as Visual Novel, and this combination offers Us game The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles game offers a truly unique experience and is not widely spread in general, as it offers a visual narrative experience mixed with some elements of crime and mystery.

The game is developed and published by Capcom and is coming to PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 27. Fortunately, our team had a chance to try the game before its release as Capcom sent an introductory copy to see the game, and indeed we are here Today let’s talk about the game in general and initial impressions about it.

The idea of ​​the game

The idea of ​​The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles revolves around a unique framework as it presents a story divided into more than one chapter, and you as the player interact with the story by solving some puzzles or choosing some dialogue texts.

You may think that this is repeated in many games, but in fact not, dear reader, because here you only interact with the dialogues and texts in the game, you do not move with your character and do not press buttons continuously, but focus heavily on reading and following events Choose responses or solve some puzzles from time to time.

The side of mystery and crime

Without any burning of events, the game takes place in a framework of mystery and crime, where the main character in the game falls into a number of successive problems that lead to his being accused of various crimes, and now you and the main character must defend yourself and prove your innocence.

In trying to prove innocence, you must listen very carefully to all the characters in the game and match the hadith with the evidence you have, and then you must prove the contradiction between the evidence you have and the statements of the rest of the characters and witnesses.

This requires an effort from you to follow all the dialogue texts that other characters and witnesses say, because the solution to the puzzle depends largely on the presence of a very small discrepancy between the witness’s narration and the existing evidence.

Fun realistic, crime novels

The game lists some information about the crime, such as the cause of death, etc., and the fact that some of this information is completely real, for example, the game reminds you that the victim was killed by a bullet from close proximity, and the evidence is that there are traces of gunpowder burning on the victim’s clothes, and the shot was able to cause an entry hole, but it was not able to make an exit hole, that is, it did not penetrate the victim’s body.

These simple details in the game made us feel the size of the effort expended in it, and greatly affected our personal experience with it, but we do not know whether everyone will feel the quality that we received.

Anyway, during the game you need to examine the evidence, review witness accounts, and remember the different stories that each character says in the game, and although we know some ideas by virtue of our experience, the game does not need any special requirements and anyone can solve the puzzles required within it only by checking Pictures and data he has and link them to witness accounts.

Although the game has some realism in terms of describing the location of the crime and the manner of death, the general idea of ​​the crimes in the game is more inspired by detective novels, that is, it contains a degree of imagination.

In fact, this amount of imagination was an excellent option because it wouldn’t be fun to investigate a bloody murder like the one, we see every day on the news, but in contrast it’s fun to investigate a murder that has a degree of mystery and illogical imagination at times but in the end, it is It is highly coherent and coherent as we see in the novels of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie.

Great music and fine writing

We will be very frank, personally, we do not prefer games that contain very long dialogue texts, even if they are in a cinematic scene. This game contains very long dialogue texts and without cinematic scenes or even an audio performance.

Nevertheless, we liked these texts very much, and we were always attached to them and continued to follow them, and we did not try to transcend them in any way, and here comes the wonderful writing in the game that pushes to continue reading to find out the mystery in the crime.

At times the texts were a little exaggerated or not the texts themselves but the sequence of events, but overall, the story was very interesting and the writing makes us keep reading the texts.

As for the music in the game, it is beyond the quality of the writing. The music is wonderful, very fun and different, for example, it escalates and becomes very enthusiastic when the events in the game become complicated and then turns into quiet music with the calmness of the events in the game.

A game for a specific class

This point is just a first impression and not final information, but we feel that the game may not appeal to everyone, as it is in the end not an adventure game that contains a good story, but rather a story game only.

This requires the player to follow and read continuously and is very intense, and this may not be liked by some because the game does not even contain an audio performance, but rather relies entirely on reading only.

Quite simply, the game offers an experience as if you are reading a detective novel, but you have the ability to interact with the events in it, so if you love reading in general, this experience may be excellent for you.

Language is essential to the enjoyment of the experience

As we mentioned, the game depends on reading the dialogue texts in it, and here the importance of the English language appears, because it is literally impossible to follow the events in the game without knowing the English language.

There are no cinematic scenes to help you know the events or what the person is originally saying, a few pictures may appear, but it does not help much, but sometimes you find that the game needs an accurate knowledge of the language.

In many cases, the knowledge of the puzzle lies in a simple verbal difference between the evidence and the testimony of the witnesses. Here, superficial knowledge of the language is not enough, but the player must be proficient in a little English.

We have come across some new terms specifically related to homicides or some medical descriptions, so we think it might be a little difficult for someone who doesn’t speak English at all.


The aforementioned are just initial impressions based on playing parts of the game only and not a final review and this point should be emphasized greatly because the game may contain some other elements that we did not touch on.

Our first impression of the game can be summed up in the surprise, we are literally surprised by this game and we were in no way expecting to enjoy a game where we read almost only dialogue texts.

We remember in one of the sessions while we were trying the game we couldn’t go to sleep until after we finished the case we were working on; We were very passionate about the events and wanted to know the killer very much.

But at the same time, we feel that the game belongs to a somewhat special category, as it is not an ordinary game and some may see it as a boring game, but we think that those who love reading in general, especially detective novels, will find the fun that we found during our experience of the game.



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