Bandai Namco and the threads of success with many diverse and wonderful games befitting the history of this wonderful company, the company has always excelled in fighting games and launched them in a wonderful way that shows the extent of the company’s ingenuity in making such games as if it specialized in such a field, today we carry in our hands a new game of The games of this company are a large, luxurious, very large ancient game that belongs to a plush and even larger series, which is the game SOULCALIBUR 6. What did the game offer us and what is its content and how did it perform, follow us below to review and evaluate the game to extract the answers to these questions that we asked…

First, the game is purely combative. Everything in it revolves around fighting, winning and collecting points. We will start this review with the story of the game that comes to us in the form of missions centered on a map. The beginning of the journey will be with only two missions. Then, dear player, you will open the rest of the missions with every victory you win. In the previous mission, the story mode does not allow you to play with a character that you love and does not allow you to choose, but the only solution for you to start this phase and go through its interesting adventures is to design your own character.

The character design is the coolest and greatest, frankly, and in all honesty, you can start the design with the shape, the face, the eyebrows, and even the character’s voice, size, length, skin color, and so on, and then the fun journey begins in the game’s missions and story with the other characters.

The style of play in the game is what distinguishes it, to be honest, the diversity of characters despite their limitations, which are 21 characters, each with their own distinctive fighting moves, especially the character of Geralt from The Witcher 3, a wonderful representation of his fighting moves in the game and distinguished in every sense of the word.

The control buttons and the mechanism of controlling the characters made me feel comfortable and easy to play with these characters, meaning that they are not as complicated as we thought, especially in the Battle mode, which in turn is divided into Arcade, Players VS Player and Player VS CPU modes. Live an unparalleled combat experience.

The arcade phase in the game is different from any phase we have seen in the game, as you know that this phase is endless fights, but the strange thing is that the number of fights in this phase is only 8 fights, we do not know for sure why, but it seems that the greatest focus in the game was and it’s still online.

As for the online phase, it is the other no less important and fun than the rest of the phases, especially when you play against another player for the trust. The phase is distinguished and invested in an excellent and interesting way in the game and diversified in a way that is least said to be imaginary, and it is considered a wonderful addition to the rest of the phases in the game as if the puzzle has been completed.

The graphics of the game are the best graphics of the series at all and it is also considered one of the best graphics that we have seen in this type of games this year. The terrain of each profession and every stage in the game is very amazing, especially the stage that belongs to or represents the game The Witcher 3 was more represented It is amazing in the game, as for the characters, there is nothing wrong with creativity in every sense of the word.

Last but not least, the voices are also excellent, as each character has its own voice, as well as the music for each profession and stage in the game, and the best and most beautiful is the consistency of the movement of the lips with the voice and speech of the characters, and this is what attracted me to the honesty.


  • Play style – 9
  • Graphics – 8.5
  • Votes – 8


  • The graphics of the game are amazing.
  • Diversity and multiplicity of phases in the game.
  • Focus on important details and implement them accurately.
  • A significant improvement in the combat mechanics, which has become more fluid


  • The story of the game is short and not unexpectedly deep.
  • Loading screens are very long and boring.
  • Lots of dialogues between characters and lack of movie scenes.


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