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Riders Republic: The Game That Brought Me Back As A Child

Riders Republic
Ubisoft, Ubisoft Milan

The game Riders Republic was revealed more than a year ago, and the latter has sent positive signals about the quality of content that it will provide, especially as it comes from the Ubisoft studio located in Annecy, France, which is credited to him before the years of work on Steep, which is One of the best titles of the previous generation that introduced mountain sports and reconsidered this type of sports in the gaming world in particular, and thus this matter put pressure on the studio’s shoulders to offer more through its new project Riders Republic, which based on all the media output that Prior to its release, he reiterated that he wanted to break all boundaries through this completely new project, which made us really excited with the aim of delving into the experience of this game, and it came to us during the beta phase during the past few weeks, through which we presented our initial opinions, which were Very encouraging, which we are talking about now, but in a comprehensive review after we got the game from the Ubisoft Middle East and North Africa team with the PlayStation 5 version, so follow the chapters of the latter with us Find out what the game has in store.

Basic information

  • Game title: Riders Republic
  • Genre: Open World and Sports
  • Developed by: Ubisoft Annecy
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Devices: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
  • Release date: October 28, 2021
  • Age: Suitable for 12 years and over.

Game story

Of course, as always, through reviews on our website, we should have a chance to return to the story phase in most titles, but within the game Riders Republic, in reality, there is no clear plot because we are playing the role of a character who wants to reach the world through most of the competitions The mountain, by taking on various challenges with the presence of some personalities who help him achieve his dream of reaching the world.

And therefore, there is no truly stand-alone story, so the experience remains superficial in this way, in contrast to the content of the game that has what it is, given that the game and along a huge map simulate the various famous American parks, it serves as a suitable ground for most famous mountain sports, between bikes Aerobic of all kinds, as well as parachute jumping, as well as skiing and parade movements.

Not to mention other sports such as wingsuit racing and jetpack, not to mention other activities such as electric bikes, which are all elements and mathematics that the developer team Ubisoft Annecy decided to rely on through this promising project, and we can find many stages and dozens of challenges from different sports Which we open with a rather simple system.

A whole new idea. What is Riders Republic?

Where it requires obtaining stars that whenever you achieve challenges within the stages you win and progress becomes faster at the level of the game world without going through the major challenges that the game offers in various parts, if you can get these stars heavily with the Mass Race competitions that know the challenge of a group of players Up to 64 users on a sports series.

And the winner, of course, gets copious amounts of stars that first allow him to advance in the level. Better equipment was obtained in most sports, as well as progress to open additional stages, and personally reaching the 500-star barrier, it took us to spend more time on these competitions because they are faster A way to achieve this number and thus unlock a set of in-game features, both equipment and outfits to customize the look of the character.

On the other hand, the game provides a set of additional modes and modes in its various content, specifically within the main base, where you can challenge friends in 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8 stages and others in order to establish the principle of the game aimed at relying entirely on the team play system, and that The latter, and through the system of running the stages on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, has been completed on the PC, as it provides greater smoothness by navigating around the world through the map.

By choosing the stage and moving quickly without the loading screens, it is also possible to allocate the time between evening and morning or sunset and others directly from this menu that enables you to customize your experience and choose the gear you want to roam, for example, and the game offers users who do not They like to play online or they can’t access the servers for example Zen Mode which remains a sub-platform where you can roam absolutely free without going through any stages just enjoying the atmosphere of the world.

Playing style

In the context of exploring the various content that Riders Republic offers through this comprehensive review, the latter also provides users with the opportunity to experience a range of diverse methods at the level of playing style, since it depends on several sports, and therefore the challenge for the developer team was to work on making the experience more balanced across most sports, which it was largely successful with, of course, with some observations.

Where first, through the control system at the level of the ski stages and the technical review, it was really tight due to the previous experiences that the team had accumulated during its previous project Steep, which was the big point of light in it, and now it is confirmed again through the control system through which it provides the opportunity for players to be more creative At the level of integrating the show moves, as well as the use of various equipment that enhances the ranks of the game.

So that we find a diverse assortment, and of course, as we progress in the levels, better and easier elements open up at the level of use, which applies to bicycles as well, which in turn gives users the opportunity to pass to the first-person perspective, which really changes a lot of the experience as if it were another game.

We’ve never heard of this type of game as much as inside the Riders Republic, where during most of the phases we’ve been in the bike category we’ve always wanted to use a first-person perspective that makes the experience so profound and completely different, and it was a turning point. Although the gameplay focus is more on the arcade element.

On the other hand, the style of playing in the sports of skydiving, as well as Jetpack, in addition to the winged suit, was based on the arcade style more, and therefore the error, even if it was, does not affect in addition to the fact that the circuit system that enables you to save the progress Checkpoint within the stage was sometimes a negative issue in In some stages, where it is difficult to achieve the point, you will miss the progress and continue to compete with the rest of the contestants, where you have to return to the last point.

And this is what we experienced during the stage of electric bicycles, the control of which remains very complicated, and mistakes are forbidden, with the fact that the stages are very long and sometimes become boring, especially since the registration points within the stage are located in somewhat random areas, which is what makes you lose The competition efforts are other than that, as the game remains very interesting at the level of most of the stations and sports offered in its world, and even those who do not have experience in this type of games will quickly find themselves immersed in its world that is full of stages and diverse content of each category.

Riders Republic world design

We are now delving into a main and very important point for most titles usually, which is the graphics, as the latter was in the first official reveal video of the Riders Republic game, really at a high level in the jungle, but with the success of gameplay specials and also the last beta phase in the form of a beta on the horizon is the issue of lowering the quality of graphics.

Especially that the game is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series on PC, which is what made us really expect this, given that the game is not 100% directed to the new generation, which is a given that was clear during our experience of the game on The PlayStation 5, which even with its 60 frames per second and support for approximately 64 players within the Mass Race stages, in terms of graphics quality, remains very normal and we cannot classify the latter at a very high level.

Where the visual effects, despite their presence, remain until the display resolution remains less than the real 4K, and in terms of designs for the characters in the world, they remain somewhat modest, in addition to animation movements and facial expressions.

While the game engine performs well through physicality at the level of most movements in various sports, whether bicycles or skiing, and the game through its world offers a diversity that is less than its counterpart within games of this type between snowy mountains as well as hard lands in addition to dry deserts and Also, rivers and forests are in a natural diversity that kept the game away from the specter of repetition, which we consider a very positive point in favor of the latter, despite the shortcomings that permeated the details of the graphics.

Always through this comprehensive review of the game Riders Republic and this time with the latest stations within its chapters, which we talk about on music tracks and acoustics in general. The details are with the stages of skating by means of various tools.

Where the feeling remains different with every equipment available in front of us in addition to the sound effects of various other elements such as jetpack and electric bikes that really make you feel the element of speed, as for the performance of the main characters’ voice, it was normal, especially since these do not usually appear in front of us except at the beginning of the game only. After that, they completely disappear from the adventure, and the dialogue with them begins from the map list only.

In terms of music tracks, a game that provides in its content a very large bouquet of diverse music tracks selected between the hip hop and pop genres through a very good set of very modern music tracks, which pushes you to raise the level of enthusiasm within the stages, and the developer team’s choices were actually successful on this aspect, especially not focusing more on loud music clips.

And trying to balance the clips between the stages, and what appealed to us the most at this level is when you move to a viewing point in the game world, then the game passes into a cinematic style to introduce the place, accompanied by very calm and very distinct music. The famous American theme park series.

As a conclusion to our review of Riders Republic, the game was really up to our expectations personally since we enjoyed the previous Steep game project from the studio, and was very excited to discover something new for the latter, which wanted to raise the bar somewhat, which it succeeded in presenting to a group One of the diverse mountain sports with a very huge content, and it was an opportunity to create a bit of diversity, especially in terms of this specific type of games, which we do not find a permanent presence for except on certain occasions, but Riders Republic has now given itself the opportunity to sit on the throne of this type of games Really sporty and deserves this evaluation from our site in the hope that this comprehensive review has given you an opportunity to see part of its entire content.

Riders Republic rating

  • Playstyle: 9
  • World design and gaming environments: 8
  • Advance System: 7.5
  • Graphics, acoustics and technical performance: 6
  • Content and Modes: 8.5


  • Unusual amount of acrobatics
  • Excellent open world environment design
  • Great balance between amateur and professional player
  • A game that wants you to enjoy your time without obstacles
  • An excellent balance between competitive, professional and arcade
  • Five diverse and varied sports that you will never get tired of
  • Unfair progression system
  • deep mods style
  • The perfect dose of adrenaline and action
  • Good variety of competitive and solo game modes
  • Focus on providing better accessibility
  • Excellent performance on PS5
  • The largest social sports template for the game
  • Awesome first-person perspective


  • Technical problems and some crashes
  • The graphics of the game are mediocre at times
  • Problems connecting to servers to play PvP modes
  • The game world needs to get a little smaller



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