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Razer is known for its gamer products that range from headphones to keyboards to mice. In this review, we will talk about the Razer Opus X, a mobile headset that will satisfy those who play games and those who also want to listen to music.

Razer Opus X Headphone Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Earmuffs are made of protein leather / nylon
  • Noise canceling (ANC)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 – Type-C cable for charging only.
  • Size: 270g
  • Microphone: Two microphones for ANC input and two microphones for audio.
  • Battery: 30 hours with noise canceling, 40 hours without noise canceling.
  • Additional Features: 60ms response rate in game mode. Mobile application for control.

First let’s talk about the design, at first look, you wouldn’t expect it to be a Razer headset when you look at it, as its design is luxurious and focuses on all users, not just gamers. In fact, it reminded us very much of Sony headphones, specifically the WH-1000XM3, which is considered one of the best noise-isolating or noise-cancelling headphones in the world. market. The headset is available in three different colors which are white, pink and green in case you want to show your love for the brand.

The headset has covers or very comfortable cushions when you put it on ears so that it closes you off from the outside world, especially when you activate the noise canceling feature, but it does not put pressure on you annoyingly. We were able to use it for a few hours without feeling a headache from pressure, which is very important but it is worth noting However, after a long use, you may need to take a break but the reason may be that we are used to big speakers like BlackShark V2 Pro.

The sound quality of the headphone is very excellent and as someone who listens to a lot of music and songs, we really enjoyed our time both from old songs to loud to classical and Low Roar (from Death Stranding) songs. So, we can say that it will please all types but the Razer Opus X takes you into your own world when you enable the noise cancelling feature. We’ve used several headphones for the past few years but the noise isolation was really good on this one and it really cut us off from the outside world as we couldn’t hear what the person standing next to us was saying.

We compared the new Razer headset with a dedicated and high-priced headset, the WH-1000MX3 from Sony. We can say that the Sony headset was better in terms of sound quality, but compared to the price, the Razer headset offers excellent performance, as its price is only $100, while the Sony headset is $350. It is also worth noting that this headset is the cheapest version of the Opus headset, as some additional features such as support for THX audio technology have been stripped, but the new version is very excellent.

The headset weighs only 270 grams, which is a very good size, but we wish it were lighter than that, but it is not annoying. It is true that the headset is made of plastic, but it is of a high-quality type. we did a simple test on it to see how well it tolerated, and the result was very good, as you would expect from a headset at this price.

On the right, you’ll find four buttons that let you access all of the Razer Opus X’s functions such as activating and deactivating ANC noise cancellation or activating game mode, volume control, answering calls and more. Unfortunately, we wish there was a button to mute the microphone, but it is not available in all headphones, so we will not consider it a negative.

Now let’s talk about games. To be honest with you, we’re not a veteran when it comes to mobile games but we did a game mode that reduces response time compared to normal use and got into PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite and several other games and the sound was excellent and the experience was very immersive especially in If you are outside or sitting in the family and want to win the tough battle royale match. We also used the game mode while watching clips on YouTube, and the experience was better due to the low response time, but of course, this affects the battery of the headset.

As for the microphone, in games when we played with random people, we didn’t get negative responses and when we spoke from closed places, the result was very good but outside the experience was not what we expected as the other party couldn’t hear us most of the time because of too much air or sounds. If you are playing in a closed room or place, you will not suffer greatly from the problem, but if you are playing in open places, this may bother you a little, but the price is very satisfactory and suitable for performance.

The company also offers you the Razer Audio application on your mobile phone that enables you to customize and control the headset, as there are five EQ settings and you can activate the game mode through it if you want to, in addition to activating and disabling the noise cancellation feature. The app may not offer you much freedom but as a player and regular user, we think it is very good.

Certainly, some sacrifices were made to reach such a price. The thing we noticed the most is the lack of an AUX port, meaning you can’t use the headset if the battery is empty. Also, there is no bag to carry it and it can be connected with only one device at the same time via Bluetooth. Compared to the performance, quality, and everything the headset has to offer, these considerations aren’t a negative and they didn’t bother me. What annoyed us a bit is that the headset is not foldable enough so it is difficult to carry it around without using a backpack.

Well, Ragheed, stop talking, is this headset worth buying? The short answer is yes. In the event that you are looking for very good sound quality with excellent isolation and play mobile games a lot, Razer Opus X will be more than enough for you, especially because it comes in three colors that satisfies everyone at a very affordable price.

Razer Opus X review


  • Very good sound quality and excellent sound cancellation/isolation
  • Comfortable beautiful design in a variety of colors
  • The game mode is very good for games, especially those that require a quick response
  • The battery actually lasts for thirty hours and more


  • It’s hard to carry without a bag
  • The microphone is not good outdoors


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