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Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro | The Perfect Wireless Gaming Mouse

We don’t think the DeathAdder needs to be known in the gamer community because of its popularity. If you are looking for a wireless mouse for video games without losing accuracy and responsiveness, Razer brings you the DeathAdder V2 Pro, the latest wireless version of the mouse released at the beginning of the year that has been acclaimed by critics. Is this mouse worth the price? In this review we will share our nearly three-week experience with you.

Technical Specifications

  • Razer Hyperspeed Wireless Response Time Technology
  • Mouse Key Type: Optical (up to 70 million clicks)
  • Sensor type: Razer Focus+
  • Weight: 88 grams
  • Eight programmable buttons
  • Three types of communication

Razer still uses the same design that we first saw in the original DeathAdder in 2006, but there’s really no reason to change the design. The DeathAdder V2 Pro brings you the same experience as the standard model but with more freedom as you can use it completely wirelessly, and that’s where the real creativity came in. It’s very clear that Razer has worked hard with its research on Hyperspeed technology that makes response time and accuracy like any wired mouse, so you won’t notice any difference.

This is where we became a fan of the mouse because no performance loss and extra freedom (no wires) is great, especially for gamers. For example, you’ll be able to move more quickly and you’ll have more room on your mousepad to move which will raise your level of play, at least in shooter games. You can also connect wired if you want to or connect it using bluetooth. The last option is not good for games where it is less responsive, but its addition is welcome as it enables you to use the mouse while on the move on your laptop with ease (in the time of Covid-19 this is unfortunately not possible).

The mouse has a Razer sensor with a resolution of 99.6% at a rate of 650 IPS (inches per second) and can handle acceleration of up to 50G. The company uses other technologies such as Smart Tracking and Motion Sync to ensure smooth and precise movement. There are side buttons that you can program as you want to use them in the system or games and it is unlikely that you will press the button by mistake during your game if you are immersed because their texture is different from the whole mouse and from some of them, which helps you to know which button you are about to press without looking at it.

You can also save your settings to the mouse via the Razer Snyapse program, which we will talk about below. For example, you can set up different sensitivities and easily change between them during games. This is useful if you are one of those people who customize settings for each game.

The second most important thing about a wireless mouse is the battery, and the DeathAdder V2 Pro has never disappointed us in this aspect. Razer states that the mouse’s battery can last 120 hours without RGB lighting on Bluetooth and 70 hours using hyperspeed technology operating on a 2.4GHz connection. We used it almost completely with a hyperspeed connection with RGB lighting at 30 watts, and we only needed to charge it once every two or three days after a long daily use. You can specify the lighting settings as you want to find the option that suits you. As for charging, unfortunately the wireless charging base is not included with the mouse and that is why here the wireless experience drops a bit and you will need to charge it with the wire. If its charge drops, don’t worry, you can use it wired while charging.

Razer Synapse 3 software

If you own a device from Razer, you already know what Synapse is, in case you haven’t heard of it before, this program enables you to customize your mouse such as the DeathAdder V2 Pro where you can customize the lighting, change between DPI sensitivity, adjust power consumption and customize all the buttons as you want. For example, you can customize one of the buttons to open the VGA4A website, whatever you click on, open the game you want, or something like that, in addition to more options. Furthermore, you can assign a button to Hypershift which when you press it, the functions of the buttons will change and you will be able to customize them.

The mouse allows players to save up to five custom profiles in its memory, which you can switch at any time by pressing the profile button on the back. Profiles can be linked to different apps or games to switch between them whenever you want if you plan to use them on another device for example. Automatic switching takes about a second and works just fine once it’s set up correctly. You can create unlimited profiles in Synapse and then transfer a few of your choice to the cache. In addition, you can sync personal files via cloud storage by simply logging in with your Razer account.

You can also customize the lighting as you want and use different lighting patterns or download lighting patterns from the Internet created by other users. This is what we did as we synced the Blackwidow V3 Pro keyboard with the DeathAdder V2 Pro and got the following result.

In the end, the DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse is excellent for gamers who are looking for comfort and freedom to play video games and also to work and browse. What may make some people far from it is its high price, which may reach almost double the wired version, but the prices of similar wireless parts are also close to it. So, if your budget is right, we really recommend it because it has become the main mouse for me. In addition to what we talked about above, there is a negative that every time we turn on the computer, we need to reconnect the mouse to the device in order for it to work. This is only in wireless mode while in wired there is no need for that.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro review

The DeathAdder V2 Pro brings you the experience you have been waiting for from the beloved series such as ergonomic design and good looks but with greater freedom with wireless mode that never compromises response time and accuracy making it an excellent wireless gaming mouse for video games.


  • Impressive wireless performance and accuracy
  • Beautiful and comfortable design
  • Extensive customization options and the ability to save them on the mouse
  • Good battery life


  • Charging station sold separately
  • The price is a little high


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