Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Two years ago, the idea of ​​using wireless-type peripheral equipment was unpopular for many players for many reasons, the most important of which is related to the delay time and having to charge the battery daily, which was a headache for those who owned one of those equipment at the time, with the passage of time, the batteries expanded, did not the need to charge it daily, the range also expanded and covered the room, perhaps the entire house, without losing the signal.

Most importantly, the delay times did not become a problem at all. On the contrary, it became even better than wired connection, especially mice that provided wireless connectivity with greater freedom of movement and freed them from the problem of wire resistance, which was a crisis for players, especially those who like to play on DPI. low.

The same is true of wireless headphones, which have a battery size of approximately 30 hours on a single charge, and have expanded their range to include a greater range, thus charging them once a week and enjoying the absence of a cord that makes sense compared to before.

Dear reader, you seem to have noticed that we wre talking about mice and headphones only, but what about keyboards? Do you also catch up with the wireless equipment? In fact, wireless keyboards have not yet reached what mice and headphones have reached for gamers, but not for the previous reasons, but because of the feasibility or what the keyboard is wireless in the first place!

Today we have one of those groundbreaking wireless switches which is the Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro, we will be reviewing it fully after using it for the past few weeks as our baseboard and trying to answer all your questions about it.

Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless Technology

Every company or brand related to games has its own technology for wireless connectivity, for example, Logitech owns a technology called Lightspeed, while Corsair calls its technology Slipstream, and between all these technologies performance meets under one slogan, which is to free players from wire restrictions while providing the same and better experience.

With Razer, the technology presented is called Razer HyperSpeed, which is used in today’s review of the Blackwidow V3 Pro keyboard. According to Razer, the technology offers up to 25% increase in speed compared to any other wireless gaming technology.

The technology uses an ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless frequency to speed up this process and further reduce the time it takes to send data between the mouse and PC with lower latency, this translates to lower click latency, and as an added benefit, HyperSpeed ​​Wireless requires less power, which means you can play for longer periods before having to charge.

The technology is more reliable as Razer has made its wireless technology stable enough to stay at peak performance even in the noisiest and data-saturated environments.

HyperSpeed ​​uses new and improved adaptive frequency technology which scans available channels every millisecond for any form of interference, by doing so it knows exactly which frequencies to avoid and can instantly switch to the fastest frequency so your wireless connection is not delayed or disrupted. So, even if there are several devices using the same frequency, there will be no signal interference or delay problems.

Despite that, the Blackwidow V3 Pro board can be connected wired and via Bluetooth as well, in addition to the wireless connection that we recommend with the board, we will learn more about this through the specifications of the board later in the review.

Razer Mechanical Switches

Mechanical switches have always been superior in terms of speed and accuracy. Prior to 2010, they were only used for typing because they were specifically made for this purpose. Then Razer made a radical decision to use mechanical switches for a gaming keyboard and the result was the world’s first mechanical gaming keyboard, the classic Razer BlackWidow. It used switches from the German Cherry MX company.

Four years later, in 2014, Razer redefined the limits of gaming performance by creating mechanical switches that were specifically engineered to meet the demands of gaming. Where they first came to light, the same Razer Mechanical Switch used in today’s review board was born as it evolved over generations, of course.

You can choose between two types of switches, green and yellow, in our case we owned the version that came with Razer Green Switches, which has a “loud” clicking sound that is annoying to some or as we like to describe it as “Clicky” in addition to improved operation and reset points for the best performance in gaming and typing.

While the yellow keys are less quiet, or silent, as they include very smooth keystrokes without perceptible bumps and include sound dampers to reduce sound, and in general it is always good for the manufacturer to give you the ability to choose between the keys you prefer while including the rest of the features of the board as it is.

Blackwidow V3 Pro motherboard specifications and a closer look

The Blackwidow V3 Pro is similar to a lot of other Razer boards in terms of design, at first glance it can be difficult to identify the exact type of board, the board comes in full size in a matte black design and we find that the chassis is made of strong aluminum with a plastic base, however the weight of the board Very heavy, about 1.5 kg, and this brings us to the important point that we spoke here at the beginning of the review, which is the feasibility of having wireless keyboards?

In fact the keyboard is not something that moves or needs movement, and therefore whether the wire is present or not present, it will most likely not affect anything in your gaming experience, besides that you will need to always have the wire to charge the board, the resistance of the wire here is not a problem like mouse problems in The previous one, as this led to the preference for wireless connectivity by professional players now, and the same with wireless headphones that provide greater freedom of movement without the wire, while keyboards, whether you like it or not, are fixed. Transfer idea.

In any case, this is not our main topic, but it is an important point that we wanted to address before completing the specifications of the board.

The panel comes with RGB lighting, not the most bright or transparent to be honest but it was good and has a lot of different effects and surfaces that can be controlled through the app or through shortcuts on the panel itself.

Above the panel from the left we find the prominent volume wheel, which also adds a touch of flair to the panel design and makes it easy to control the volume and feel like a DJ when you control it, as well as the three multimedia keys, which are physically located on the panel body and always in fact always best in Keyboards for ease of use.

Frustratingly, the volume up and down wheel can’t be customized for other uses, such as the one on the Huntsman V2 Analog from the same company, which we reviewed for you earlier this year. This wheel is usually called the Volume Roller and is limited to volume control only, and it’s also in the dashboard Blackwidow V3 Pro, but we wish it was like the one in the previous Razer panel, where it was called Digital Dial and it is versatile where you can switch its default mode, which reduces and upload images to me, for example, Scroll Down, and through it you can control the scrolling of the page up or down, as well as the special button It can be customized to open anything you want on the device so that it is easily accessible to you at any time.

Although there are mainly multimedia keys on the panel as we mentioned, but it also contains the FN shortcut button, through which you can control the shortcuts, as follows:

  • FN + F9: Sets the macro buttons.
  • FN + F10: To activate or disable the Gaming Mode.
  • FN + F11: Decreases the brightness of the panel.
  • FN + F12: To increase the brightness level.
  • FN + Pause: to put the device into sleep mode

From the back, we will find the Type-C port, which is used to charge the battery of the board, or to use the board via a wired connection. Yes, the board offers the possibility of wired connection as well, in addition to the possibility of connecting it via Bluetooth technology, and this means that the board can be connected in three different ways.

When connecting the board via Bluetooth technology, it can be connected to three devices at the same time, and it is possible to switch between wireless connection and Bluetooth technology through a button located on the side of the board, but we do not know if there was a manufacturing defect in the version we have or is it so, but the button needs to much force to move it, we think the flaw was from the revision version because it’s not okay that it takes effort.

The board hasn’t overlooked the Wrist Rest which comes in soft leather for long-lasting comfort with the Razer logo etched in the middle, but it doesn’t feature RGB lighting and unfortunately doesn’t have a magnet to mount it to the board, and it just sits in without mounting which is something we found. Totally unacceptable and we preferred to use the board without it, although the stand itself is very comfortable to use and made of high-quality materials.

In fact, it backfired, we mean, not including the magnet in the wristband structure, which made it sit in the back of the packaging box instead of using it.

From the bottom, we find that the board includes a plastic base that may actually get scratched with prolonged use, but fortunately the rubber sides at the bottom of the board prevent surface friction to ensure the stability of the board during play and also prevent scratches that can occur on the underside of the board, the reason for the Using a plastic base is to reduce the weight of the keyboard, Blackwidow V3 Pro also features flexible feet that allow you to choose between two different tilt levels of 6 or 9 degrees of height depending on your personal preference.

The Blackwidow V3 Pro motherboard contains On-Borad Memory, with which you can save your settings and take them with you anywhere without having to set them again with each device you connect the board to, and up to 5 ready-made profiles can be saved on the internal memory.

Because the board is wireless, it lacks the USB HUB, but you will not get everything dear reader, with this we prefer a wired board with a USB HUB port that helps us connect the headphone or mouse dongle for example, and in the end the board will remain stable on the desk.

The keyboard does not have a custom macro keyboard on its body, but this can be programmed via the app.

Blackwidow V3 Pro performance in gaming, writing and various connectivity methods

Considering that it is primarily a wireless board, let us assure you that the quality of wireless connectivity and HyperSpeed ​​technology used in this board did not disappoint our expectations, when we tested the board primarily using a wireless dongle, but it was impressive when it came to performance and response keys to commands, and we did not feel any Delay or difference in performance with the use of the wire and switching between it and it using the wireless mode.

But there is a clear problem when the battery life decreases, which is the emergence of some problems related to the delay, so it is always recommended to charge the battery when it reaches the level of 10% and not leave it to levels lower than that.

Also, at a level of 5% and less, the lighting also begins to dim and becomes faint, in addition to that the delay is more noticeable, perhaps up to two seconds before keystrokes are recorded and appearing on the screen.

As for the gaming experience with the panel, it is more than excellent and completely provides the experience you expect from the ancient Blackwidow panels, this time completely without wires, we moved through a number of games during the experience of the panel and did not feel that we lost anything from the wired experience, except of course it’s annoying sound and a problem the battery can reach lower levels in the craziest moments of gaming, so before your session make sure to fully charge your battery or prepare to use the cord at the end of the day!

As for the typing experience and the sound of the keys, as we mentioned that our board comes with the Razer mechanical keys in green, and its sound is closer to the Cherry MX Blue keys, although it is louder here and more annoying, while we used it in the office, our colleagues could not stand its sound, especially while typing, anyway. The sound of the keys is ultimately up to personal preference, but if you want an opinion, they are a little annoying here in this panel.

The keyboard typing experience is good, due to the design of the ABS keycaps, which provides a better, more comfortable feel and resists fingerprint smudges much better than standard ones on many other mechanical keyboards.

The Razer Green switches have an overall travel distance of 4mm and operate at 1.9mm with 50G operating force. This makes them slightly lighter and faster to operate than the Cherry MX blue switches operating at 2.2mm with 60G and the differences between them aren’t really that great, if you’ve ever loved the typing experience. Playing on the blue Cherry MX switches and their audible sound, you will probably love the green Razr here, otherwise going with the yellow switches would be a wiser decision if you don’t like the louder keys.

Battery performance

One of the most important things to focus on in any wireless hardware whatever is the battery life, and somehow, we don’t see the need to have to charge the battery over and over for the keyboard, so often due to laziness we prefer to leave the wire plugged into the board and our computer and plug the board wired instead in order to avoid charging.

However, in our experience with this board’s battery and with the brightness of the lighting set to the highest, and changing between a number of different lighting effects, the board can last about 13 to 14 hours, which is an acceptable number. You ship the painting every two or three days.

In the long run, though, it’s annoying, and we bet that over time you’ll always prefer to leave the wire where it is.

If you want to get more hours, the lighting can be reduced or turned off completely if you want to, and this will naturally increase battery life, which in this case can reach 22 hours of continuous use with lighting mode at 50%, and Razer claims that it It reaches 193 when the lights are off completely. In fact, we did not try it for one reason. The panel cannot be used without lighting, especially since the matte black color that covers the panel does not show its details, especially in dark rooms.

Razer Synapse 3

Any hardware, whether external or internal, distinguishes the quality of its software support. Software support for any hardware, whether it is external hardware such as keyboards, mice, headphones, or internal hardware such as hardware, is actually necessary and indispensable. Fortunately, the Blackwidow V3 Pro keyboard, as it comes with many Among the advantages, it also comes with massive software support from Razer Synapse 3.

Perhaps the highlight of this panel with the app is the ability to hybrid on-board and cloud storage for custom settings anytime and anywhere where you can automatically save all your profile configurations in the cloud. Up to 5 profiles can be saved to have on hand via the on-device storage and thus used directly without the need to reset each time you connect the board to a new device.

Of course, you can use the application to adjust the keyboard lighting and synchronize it with other terminals that support the application from the same company. You can also identify through the application the battery level, and know its status during charging.

The interface of the application is generally easy on the whole, but it will take some practice to access and apply all the features of the board because it is a lot, in any case, it can be said that Razer Synapse 3 is one of the best peripheral applications that we have tried, which is not surprising.

Evaluation and final judgment

Despite all those advantages offered by the Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro wireless keyboard, it falls into the trap of the feasibility of wireless connectivity for keyboards, and in fact this is nothing wrong with it, but as a reviewer we pay attention to the minute details, it is imperative that we advise not to go to wireless panels at the present time. “At least” until it makes more sense, especially since its huge weight does not facilitate it being wireless, so the idea of ​​​​moving it is not easy at all.

In addition, its price is not cheap at all, as this board is priced at $ 230 and there are many wired options in the market and from Razer itself at the same price and provide more features such as the Huntsman V2 Analog board or Logitech boards that come at a much cheaper price and include most of the features but it also excels in some other points, such as the presence of separate macro buttons.

Despite this, the “Black Widow V3 Pro” motherboard provided satisfactory performance in gaming and writing purposes, the HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology works well and the battery size can last you for an acceptable number of hours, especially if you put the panel illumination at 50% and also provide more than A way to connect, including wired and via Bluetooth technology, a number of uses of the board on different devices, although the annoying sound of its green keys and the problem of low performance and the emergence of delay problems when the battery level is low, but we wish it was magnetic all of which reduced the quality of the keyboard in general besides its high price.

Game Zone Star rating

  • Performance: 8.5
  • Design: 7.5
  • Manufacturing quality: 8
  • Accessories: 7.5
  • Price: 5


  • The possibility of connecting the board in three different ways.
  • The ability to connect the board via Bluetooth with three devices at the same time and switch between them easily.
  • The performance of the board via HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology is excellent.
  • Sturdy and sturdy board construction.
  • The presence of the multimedia buttons physically on the panel with the possibility of customization.
  • The presence of an internal storage memory On-Borad Memory.
  • Availability to choose between green and yellow RAZR keys according to your personal preference.
  • Good software support through Razer Synapse 3.
  • The palm of the hand is comfortable and designed with premium leather materials.


  • The weight of the color is heavy considering it is a wireless panel.
  • Wireless connection to keyboards may be feasible.
  • With the use of RGB lighting the battery drains quickly.
  • Performance issues appear when the battery level drops below 5%.
  • The wrist rest does not come with a magnet.
  • The price of the painting is very high given the possibilities it offers.
  • The sound of the green keys is very annoying.
  • There is no USB HUB Passthrough.


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