Home Hardware Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16GB | Stylish RAM with great performance!

Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16GB | Stylish RAM with great performance!

Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16 GB

Kingston offers many great products in the field of storage as we showed in our very quick Kingston KC2500 review and now we are back to you in a review and rating of the Kingston Fury Beast RGB, the stylish looking and excellent performance RAM. This review will focus on the 16 GB version, but of course, it is available in larger sizes up to 128 GB.

As you know, Kingston used to manufacture memory under the HyperX banner, but after their separation this year, the company launched its new brands FURY and Beast, which you will hear a lot when you build your device, as they are compatible with AMD Ryzen processors and Intel XMP and DDR4 type, which is enough for all games today. The product we used and tested came with 3000MHz and 16GB capacity but the different variants have speeds and capacities up to 3733MHz and 128GB.

Furthermore, Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16 GB has customizable RGB lighting via the company’s Fury CTRL software or even other popular customization software such as MSI Light Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 and Asus Aura Sync, so you won’t have compatibility and lighting management issues.

The installation process does not require anything, the memory comes with a very simple game that contains the brand logo and the most important information, and all you have to do is open the game and place it on your motherboard. When you hear the “click” sound, turn on the computer and it will work immediately without the need for anything else. Remember to act gently!

It is true that the box is simple, but it works enough to protect the product. Below you can see the box that the memory comes in. The design is very beautiful and luxurious, whether in the way of writing FURY and Beast on both sides or in black color that fits most devices, and certainly the writing of FURY on the outer side, which contains excellent lighting that adds a beautiful touch inside the device case (the bag).

We chose the company’s main program, FURY CTRL, which is freely available on the Microsoft Store. The program worked perfectly and we see that Kingston focused on the lighting aspect. In the program there are 6 different types of lighting such as a rainbow that changes colors beautifully (and our favorite), breathing pattern, heartbeat or even you can put only one color that cannot be changed, and you can customize this color. Besides, you can control the speed and strength of the lighting or turn it off completely as well.


After installing and running, the memory was fully ready to work and immediately entered several games and did not face any problem at all and witnessed an improvement in the performance of the system in general when opening dozens of pages in the browser, that is, not only with games. With the paid version of PassMark, we did a comprehensive test and below you can find the results. It is worth noting that the Windows system does not allow programs to use the entire RAM and that the result may differ from one device to another.

Kingston memory

The price of the Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16 GB, which is available in the form of two 8 GB pieces, is about $ 80, which is an excellent price for RAM with this speed, performance and appearance as well. If you are looking for RAM to upgrade your device or to build a new one, don’t worry, Kingston FURY is still an excellent brand and a leader in the RAM industry for years and until now. Moreover, Kingston offers you multiple options of capacity and speed, catering to everyone’s needs. Of course, the higher the capacity and speed, the higher the price.

Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16 GB review


  • Excellent performance, very reasonable for the price
  • Beautiful and customizable RGB lighting system design
  • There are different capacities and speeds to meet all needs


  • Available in one color only



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