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Journey To The Savage Planet

This year’s actual beginning lies in our current month with the release of many beautiful titles that slowly pave the way for the upcoming titles. The first of these titles is Journey To The Savage Planet, a beautiful title and its content was very surprising, especially since we were not following Big game news.

Developer: Typhoon Studios Publisher: 505 Games Game Type: Adventure/First Perspective Devices: PS4/XONE/PC Release Date: January 28, 2020 Rating Version: PS4 PRO Game Website: Click Here

The game is developed by the newly established Canadian team Typhoon Studios, and the game with this review is considered its first real project since its founding in 2017, and believe it or not, dear player, usually the first projects are disastrous, but our project was not expected, anyway Let’s follow together below the review and evaluation of the game Journey To The Savage Planet to know whether it is worth your time and money or not.

The magic of the story starts from the name of the game, a journey to a wild planet, so that you will be sent to an unknown planet called ARY-26 filled with secrets and mysterious creatures in order to find a chance on life in it, at the beginning of the game and with its beautiful bright colors we thought it was the second part of the game No Man’s Sky, but with the progression more and more in its story and delving into its distinctive style of play, we discovered that it is unique and unlike any other game at all.

What impressed us about the story and annoyed us at the same time, is that the development team relied on presenting the story to the player through recorded real live shows, which suddenly comes to you in the form of a television commercial advertisement that is sometimes boring and enthusiastic at first, but it gives you some Curiosity most of the time playing, and this is a good and somewhat new way of telling stories within video games, so we applaud the development team for that, despite the lack of some touches until this method becomes excellent.

The gameplay of the game is closely related to its world and harmonious in a surprising way to be honest, the game will start without any weapon mentioned, but you will be surrounded by a light scanner or as it is known as a Scanner, which will help you identify the environment surrounding you with its wonderful open world and its enemies from eccentric plants, and After clearing the first areas, your first missions sent to you from the main base will start, to be surprised by dozens of side missions that intersect between one main mission and another.

We could not deduce the gameplay of the game well because it is from the perspective of the first person, and we think it would have been better for the development team to develop the game to become from the perspective of the third person because such types of games need a wide screen and a clearer appearance to scrutinize its colorful world, but the enemies are as We expected strange plants and strange animals, even with one eye. As for the difficulty of killing them, it is more difficult than killing a fly hovering around you with its annoying wings.

After progressing further in the game, you will discover what your astronaut can do and his beautiful abilities for safety, for example, there are ropes that come out of his hand, which in turn stabilize the enemy temporarily so that you can escape or gain some time to weaken him with your simple weapons in the beginning. It is strange that the game took the impression of current realistic games, for example, if you want to fill your life bar, you will have to find a certain plant that contributes to your revival, also some modifications will need you to find some elements to manufacture them, which is a very special thing.

The graphics of the game compared to the graphics of large and large games that are known, they are average and have no chances to compare at all, but as we said, this type of games has its own style and own story and also its own graphics, so comparing its graphics with similar titles is fair, and graphics Journey To The Savage Planet is colorful and colorful from door to door, in fact, as we write this review we would like to return to complete the journey with the game.

The sounds were played well and as we said because of the first perspective we couldn’t look deeper into the details of the game, but as a game of nature it is very necessary to have the sounds of wind, flying creatures and the sound of the character’s footsteps, including the sounds of weapons and enemies, they are all gone Undoubtedly, but the game, unfortunately, executed the so-called background music, which did not have any presence.

Journey To The Savage Planet review


  • A beautiful story that pushes the player to continue.
  • The bright colors are harmless to the eyes.
  • Very smooth and fun gameplay.
  • No noticeable technical errors.


  • A rather short story.
  • No variety of enemies.
  • No variety of weapons.


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