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So far, a number of new characters have been released within the League of Legends game in succession and they have a close story relationship, this started with the awakening of the broken king “Vigo” and his quest to spread havoc throughout Runeterra, and then the “Gwen the Weaver Doll” character was released that She seeks to fight the evil of Viego by all possible means.

Now we are on a date with a new character named “Akshan” who is one of the Guardians of Light who seeks to destroy the darkness and devastation spreading throughout Rontera.

“Akshan” is one of the guards of the light, trained and apprenticed by his teacher “Shadia”, and moved with her throughout the “Shurima” area in search of rare weapons of light, but his teacher was assassinated and now “Akshan” seeks revenge against the killers of his teacher and also seeks to revive her again Although his decision is the opposite of what his teacher Shadia wanted, she definitely does not want revenge, but rather wants him to spread justice and peace, but Akshan has another opinion.

General information about the new hero

  • Release date: July 21, 2021.
  • Hero number: 156.
  • Favorite role: The center line.
  • Type: Ranged.
  • Specialization: Marksman.

The special skills of the hero “Akshan”

Passive skill – Dirty Fighting

With every three attacks directed by Akshan, whether they are hits or abilities, a boost of physical damage is caused, and if the target is a hero from the opponent’s team, then Akshan gains a shield.

After this attack, the character can deal another blow that also causes physical damage, but less than the first, and this blow can be canceled as well as normal strikes completely, and if the blow is canceled, “Akshan” gains a boost of “Movement Speed”.

Q – Avengerang skill

The hero shoots the “Boomerang” weapon towards the enemy, and in the event of his injury, he reveals the enemy’s strikes, and the range of the weapon expands whenever Akshan hits the target.

The weapon also causes physical damage if it reaches the target correctly, and is able to cause damage once after reaching the target and again while returning to Akshan’s hand.

The skill of W – Going Rogue

Latent ability of the skill: When one of the enemies kills one of Akshan’s allies, the killer becomes a “bastard” and here comes the role of “Akshan”, as if he manages to kill one of the “rascals”, he gets an additional amount of money, and the dead allied characters return at the same time, when Akshan kills one of the miscreants, this situation ends with the rest of the opponent team, even if it contains more than one “villain” player.

Live ability of the skill: by using this skill, the hero can hide from sight for a limited period, or for an unlimited period if he is near the terrain on the map, and in this case of invisibility, he sees traces that lead him towards the “scoundrels”, and if Akshan moves in the direction of this evidence, he gains Movement speed and mana refill.

E – Heroic Swing

Akshan can launch a “HockShot” and this hit is related to the first terrain that you find in front of it, after that the character can swing towards the area where the hook is located and during the swing, the hero shoots a fire thrust that causes physical damage to the first character in its range, then the character can do Re-swing if he decides to jump into a corner and then he will fire another burst of fire.

Also, this skill instantly reloads if it kills a “rascal” the first time it is played.

R – Comeuppance skill

Akshan identifies an enemy, then directs energy to his weapon to charge it with bullets, and when the charge ends, he fires a batch of charged bullets towards the enemy, causing physical damage for each shot that is determined based on the percentage of health lost by the first character or monster that the shots hit.

It is also able to charge the weapon on the go, as it does not need to stand for charging or to fire these shots from his weapon.

The formal features coming with the character

Riot Games have always been accustomed to releasing many character skins, and Akshan is coming with one character skin at launch time called ‘Cyber ​​Pop Akshan’ and this feature will be available for purchase in conjunction with the character’s launch date.

Speaking of the release date of the character, it is now available on the PPE server and will be available with patch 11.15 on July 21, 2021, but it must be emphasized that this date may change slightly from one country to another and from one time zone to another.

In general, the character comes in conjunction with the Guardians of Light event, which is the most important and largest story event in the history of the game so far, as the event links many characters together and introduces new game phases based on the story, which is something we did not know from League of Legends.

In the Guardians of Light event, your journey begins to confront Viego, the wrecked king who has taken control of a number of well-known characters and has begun to wreak havoc throughout Rontera, and now you must face this devastation and assemble your team of heroes to recruit a new generation of Guardians of Light.

Did you know?

  • The Akshan character is originally inspired by classic Hindi films and the character’s dance is based on the musical score Malhari, and the character’s voice is Sunil Malhotra.
  • “Akshan” is the first character to be released for League of Legends, Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra at the same time. In the past, we used to release the character first to League of Legends and then find its way to the rest of the company’s games.
  • Akshan’s weapon called Absolver, an ancient ancient weapon that has the ability to revive allies if the player can finish the killer with it. Akshan also modified the weapon and added the hook and tweezers to it to become a multi-tasking weapon.
  • The weapon was originally the property of the teacher “Shadia” who saved Akshan from death when he was young and since this time, he has followed her throughout Shurema in search of grammar weapons, until she was killed so that he takes her weapon and begins to use it.
  • Although Akshan belongs to the Shurema region, his ancestors hail from another region.

Is the character too strong?

Here we have learned all the skills and abilities of the new hero, and we think many people have one thing in mind, which is that the new hero’s strength is exaggerated.

In fact, any new character that is released is stronger than the rest of the characters and after that their strength is reduced until they become a little like the rest of the characters, in general the company is always trying to weaken and strengthen the characters continuously to give a kind of fun to the game.

But in our opinion Akshan is a bit overpowered, especially in terms of getting an extra amount of gold every time he kills a scoundrel.

This idea, although a little exaggerated, will make Akshan one of the heroes who will change the tactics in the game, we think now the teams will start developing new tactics, whether to stop the character or to take advantage of the strong inherent abilities that the character possesses.


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