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Here Are All The GTA 6 Hints That Have Appeared In The Gta Trilogy So Far

GTA 6 Hints

After the launch of the GTA Trilogy game, there are a lot of players who rushed to explore the city of San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City, but they discovered things that may not have been in the original versions and that hint greatly for the next part of the series GTA 6.

With the bad launch of the trilogy, Rockstar will fix these problems itself and there may be an opportunity to plant more hints in the game to absorb the players’ anger due to the delay in revealing the next part and manipulate them until the time is right to reveal it.

In this updated report, we will collect for you all the hints that have appeared and will appear in the game GTA Trilogy, which carries hints for the next part of GTA 6, and we will update the report as more of these tips are discovered.

Hint of the mega airport keel in GTA 3

One of the first hints that players discovered was the giant crossbar at the entrance to Francis International Airport in GTA 3. The crossbar in the original game had a hint of Vice City, which was not released at that time, but now the writing on this cross has been changed with the phrase “See you soon” A picture of a plane and the city of San Andreas.

The hint here may take us in two directions. The first is that the developers are hinting perhaps to the game GTA 5, the new generation version, which is supposed to be released next March, while others see that the plane is leaving the city of San Andreas, suggesting that Rockstar will move soon from GTA 5 to GTA 6.

The mysterious house in GTA San Andreas

One of the pictures that sparked a great deal of controversy recently among the fans of the series is that house that appeared in a picture among several pictures showing UFO ships taken from parts of the series, but this house did not have any presence in the entire series.

Some specialists searching in the game files were able to access more information that reveals the nature of this house, which turned out to be one of the real Miami houses, and there is a link with the real location of this house, which made many believe that this house may have a role in the game GTA 6.

Missing Rockstar

One of the distinctive areas that was discovered in the GTA Trilogy game is the pool that appears in the shape of a Rockstar star, but there was a slight difference between the original design and the design of this pool, where a 6-sided star appeared in the Mini Map, while the pool design appears with 5 sides.

Some believe that this is a clear hint from Rockstar for the game GTA 6, while some believe that it is just a mistake from the developers of the game in designing the original shape of the pool.

These are so far all the hints that have appeared in the GTA Trilogy and many believe that they refer to the game GTA 6 and perhaps with the upcoming patch updates, Rockstar will begin to manipulate its fans by planting more of these hints for the next project.

As mentioned above, we will update this report if more new hints appear in the future, and until then share your views and opinions on these hints.



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