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When Valorant was first launched in June 2020, the game had only 11 customers, and at that time we said in our review that this game will need another review when the number of characters in the game increases, because increasing the number of characters would completely change the way we play And the strategies within it, as well as increasing the number of characters is a very dangerous matter that measures the balance of the game between the old player who has an arsenal of characters, and the new player who does not have any character.

Now the Valorant game is preparing to include the 18th character, which comes under the name “Neon”, and during the past few days, the character was revealed in an official launch presentation and confirmation of his arrival during the coming period, and today we will talk about all the details that we have so far about the character.

Who is Neon?

The Neon character has appeared a lot among the game files and in the leaks under the name “Sprinter”, and here we can confirm that the Neon character is the much-awaited Sprinter.

Returning to the origin of the character, we find that she hails from the capital of the Philippines, the city of “Manila.” It is clear that the character depends on the movement quickly, along with the electric bullets capable of overthrowing the enemies, and the character has a slightly childish side, which appears from the colors you prefer.

When will Neon be available in-game?

The character will be available in conjunction with the launch of the update of the fourth episode of the first chapter, specifically on January 11 or January 12, depending on the time region, meaning that the character may already be available within the game at the time of reading this article.

How was the character designed?

The character was designed by John Gosicki and he has previously stated that the character is designed to be very fast, stating:

“Everything about Neon is built around the idea of ​​running forward and moving fast, a lot of the character designs are inspired by sportswear, running gear, and fitness gear. We also looked at the bioelectricity inside the ocean, which provided us with a great base of some of the character’s movements when She uses her own lightning.”

So, we are in front of a character who loves fast movement and has some distinctive electrical abilities and thus will be reflected in her skills.

The character is also able to control electricity with his body and not only with weapons, so we can see the character firing electric thunderbolts through her fingers when using her ultimate ability.

Character Abilities

  • Fast Lane Capacity

This skill enables the character to release two lines of energy that extend a distance in front of him or stop when they hit the ground.

  • Relay Bolt Ability

The character throws an energy bolt directly at the ground, this bolt has the ability to bounce off the ground causing electrical explosions capable of causing damage to the opponent.

  • High Gear Capacity

This ability increases the speed of the character’s movement significantly, and when fully charged, the character can perform a quick slide once, and if the character makes two kills, he can re-slide again, meaning that the character can slide once every two kills.

  • Overdrive Absolute Ability

The ability releases full Neon energy for a limited time in terms of damage or movement speed, and the character can fire a deadly electric beam during this limited time, but the timer is reset whenever the character manages to kill an enemy.

Well, that was all the info about Neon, the newest entrant into the wonderful world of Valorant who is leaping forward steadily and with very confident steps.

Finally, dear reader, do not forget that Valorant is a free tactical shooting game developed and published by Riot Games, and the game is characterized by the presence of more than one character inside it and each character has its own capabilities and features, and what makes it a very successful game is that it is not required at all in terms of equipment, which It can work on almost all devices with stable and stable performance.


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