Revue du jeu Les Gardiens de la Galaxie
Square Enix

We never imagined, before revealing and starting to write a Guardians Of The Galaxy review, that Square Enix would continue to stray from players’ opinion and resentment of Marvel’s Avengers making another Marvel game, and we expected we’d see another project like this years and years away from work, but Soon, a year later, that masterpiece was revealed, the first game to feature the Guardians of the Galaxy with absolute heroism in unique worlds, and the publisher shows us what he has of resources and ideas when he is insightful, and in particular, Eidos Montreal studio, which completely contradicts Crystal Dynamics in all a thing.

From mercenaries to Guardians of the Galaxy

The story tells of a group obsessed with loitering in the vast space, known among themselves as Guardians of the Galaxy. But an alien organization called “Amal Hala” imposes taxes and fines on the residents, and the fine has targeted the Guardians of The Galaxy team, but as the Guardians of the Galaxy they certainly will not think of saving money one day.

That problem will land them in jail if they don’t pay the fines, so they go out of their way to collect money in order to avoid problems but the story gives birth to a lot of different paths of course and the problem develops into more than just accumulating money on a group of alien bloodsuckers and huge monsters or let’s say something more Accuracy… outcasts by awakening mysterious forces, threatening not just one or two planets but the entire galaxy.

Filming the environment of the films “Guardians of the Galaxy” but “spices to taste”

The story of “Peter Quill” is touching and touches many true events that push the person to turn completely upside down, it is a story of love and unexpected loss, it tells of the transformation of Peter Quill into the “Star Lord” with an unmatched sense of humor within the members of the team, Developer Eidos Montreal has been well inspired by the films and hasn’t misjudged their portrayal in the studio’s biggest project of the year.

The developer succeeded in portraying the relationship of the Guardians Of The Galaxy team members to each other, and what is also evident in this game is the dedication to depicting everything as the developer Insomniac did in the recent Spider-Man titles, the similarity reached a certain category of songs if we look at the side of the game Spider -Man Miles Morales We will see that the dominant music is “rap” unlike the young “Starlord” who grew up in the eighties with his love of “rock” and “metal”.

The story is not strong in its essence and in itself, but it is strong with its beloved characters from all fans of the Marvel world. This does not deny the quality of writing and narration in the story in one way or another because the story is full of characters and the more you get rid of a certain chapter, the risks escalate more than ever, but at the same time The dynamism of the characters is very high at the level of the story, and this is what is required of a game that presents us with superheroes on a silver platter.

Each character from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” team has its own distinct background with its own luster, with specific paths that are not worthy of another character, that is, they are fully detailed on the concerned character, this contributes to seeing the world of the story and its events with more than one vision and more than one opinion, but the cooperation between the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and danger Who raises the galaxy is inevitable.

Somewhat annoyed by the cliché and repetitive pranks at times, it does add a smile in a lot of situations but when you put a lot of sugar on a cake it becomes inedible or even chewable, this is what happened with Guardians Of The Galaxy some ridiculous conversations that They spoil important situations that could have gone without a joke better than they end up being.

It’s your turn…Write what you want

We all know that Guardians Of The Galaxy seeks to be somewhat objective, i.e., as in most games of the current generation, is to make choices so that the player does not blame anyone but himself, this happens with us here in “Guardians of the Galaxy” but with a slight effect that does not effect On the menace of danger to the characters but only allows you to set the scenario you want but whatever you do the end is inevitable and you can do nothing to change it.

As mentioned above that the options do not have a strong influence, but they add multiple effects on the course of the story, the options do not appear from time to time because the game in the end wants you to enjoy your heroes as they bring down the enemies to the ground, but it is important to show us the development of the characters and the relationship of the team with their leader “Star” Lorde” is a good addition and is put with great care and poise in the story, and it was sunshine when we embarked on this adventure.

Unpolished gameplay made up for in the fighting style of Guardians of the Galaxy

The developer did a great job in terms of fighting style, and our role as “Peter Quill” is to lead the league and frankly the team leadership style allowed us to direct them very quickly and flexibly without playing any hero of them, you cannot rely on the direction of your heroes too much and you can finish the battle only by directing your heroes Also, it’s not just about punches and kicks, but you can create an exciting attack with specific directions and movements, in addition to the efforts of “Starlord” of course.

Each character has its own upgrades and abilities, where you can get points to upgrade your heroes, and unlike Marvel’s Avengers, the existing RPG system affects the abilities of the heroes very noticeably, the fighting becomes easier the more we add the upgrade we were trying to get, until you reach the highest ability which is Deals abnormal damage to enemies, you can kill your opponent with it in one hit, so we think the upgrades are worth it.

As it is known in the hero games, the hero needs a rest, the Cool Down system … it plays an excellent role and does not make you complain until the ability of the heroes returns again, and this is because the style of play in general is fast and does not require deliberation or caution, and this helps a lot in obtaining points to develop Heroes and equipping them with abilities that helped us in the advanced classes.

Unfortunately, not everything is well, the first hours of fighting are a very arduous and quiet journey, and all you have to do is fight strange and gelatinous creatures… Things continued like this for a few hours, that is, before the real danger, and those battles did not highlight the importance of the fighting style compared to the advanced chapters, which Highlighted the importance of promotions in the game.

The upgrades themselves are worthwhile but they are totally uneven, because 90% of the abilities in the game are locked and the goal of reaching the latent abilities of all Guardians Of The Galaxy characters will require extraordinary effort and hours of punches and directions from “Peter Quill”, also for some of the existing mechanisms such as Glide over a cliff wasn’t polished enough.

This is besides some problems in combat, when we direct Gamora for example, it suddenly disappears and appears to the enemy we selected, without any indication that it is heading towards it… just that it appears and starts fighting, this frustrates us a bit and it hides important physical properties we saw in games Released years ago, the graphics were good but the animation itself is a bit unpolished and it would have been better with some extra effort.

The most frustrating thing we’ve ever encountered is the “Milan Ship”, for those who don’t know it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy ship, or rather their home, the game offers some situations that require spaceship combat, we were happy at first to see this wonderful combination, but the ship is almost invincible and excels Without any resistance at all, also the same problem we faced when we were playing Just Cause 3 and we were driving around in the car and crashed into cars but wow… the car didn’t get a single scratch!

Unreasonable repetition

As Guardians of the Galaxy, we have very specific skills to solve the puzzles in the game, if we’re going to distinguish Groot by categorizing him among the plant creatures… well, here’s the job of making bridges and helping us raise platforms, for you Drax you are the strong here macho and of course The task of carrying heavy objects is on your shoulders, the highly fit killer Gamora can jump from one place to another, and last but not least, Rocket is obsessed with technology and finding illegal weapons parts. The task of hacking data is yours, raccoon.

We saw that recipe, it’s perfect and divided in a specific and disciplined way but it goes on all the places and planets in the game, our mind can’t comprehend those nonsense, we forgot! “Star-Lord” has another skill to solve puzzles is to connect some of the items in the electrical stations, so that the electricity runs in the right path, unfortunately all the electrical stations are the same puzzle, the puzzle itself is boring even unlike the puzzles of a game like Watch Dogs in the electrical stations (by the way the puzzle is carved From Watch Dogs but for the worse and makes you bored sometimes).

Guardians of the Galaxy graphics and performance review

The graphics are great, the planets and different worlds are something in favor of the graphics and the visuals are very, for example, a galaxy like “Andromeda” appears wonderfully and charmingly full of colors, the game runs very stable … The game was tested on RTX cards and you can check all the characteristics through this article, The game was tested more on the 1660ti card on PC and the game was working at 1080p resolution with high graphics at a rate of more than 60 frames per second.

The game has some of the usual technical flaws, we had a situation in a dialogue scene and “Star Lord” suddenly stood up instead of sitting and the scene stopped, then we had to restart the game from the beginning to complete what we stopped at, these are normal errors but affecting the experience and we are sure that technical problems will disappear with the first update or after a few updates.

Do we advise you to buy the game?

The game offers a unique experience for the publisher Square Enix in the Marvel universe, and offers a wonderful story with perfectly harmonious characters … The game is worth buying with the existing flaws, and if you are worried, rest assured … It is not in any way similar to Marvel’s Avengers game at the time of launch, it does not need a strong follower of the events The Marvel Universe is basically a follower because Guardians of the Galaxy are not fully connected to the Avengers.

Our evaluation summary of Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy, great by all accounts…a superb and smooth steering and command system, developer Eidos Montreal has never let us down with the angst we’ve been having because of the Marvel Avengers title, the experience was sloppy at times, but it still rises to be among the best Superhero games But as a conclusion to this Guardians Of The Galaxy review, we can finally describe the game as the ultimate experience.

Guardians Of The Galaxy rating

  • Story: 8.5
  • Playstyle: 8.5
  • Graphics: 8.5
  • Music: 8


  • Good story
  • Great movie visuals
  • It is not a direct service or financial transaction game
  • Unique fighting style and direction
  • Freedom of choice in the course of events
  • An upgrade system that affects the fighting style and gameplay
  • Fantastic graphics


  • Most Guardians of the Galaxy abilities are locked
  • A bug in some game mechanics
  • Some technical errors
  • Repetition in puzzles


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