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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game

We receive again another title from Ubisoft, this time the expected title is not any title because it follows the famous Tom Clancy’s series of games that have a tactical and strategic style. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the focus of this review that we will address below.

Developer: Ubisoft Paris Publisher: Ubisoft Game Type: Tactical Shooting / Open World Hardware: PC/XBONE/PS4 Release Date: October 4, 2019 Rating Version: PS4 PRO Game website: Click here

Since the launch of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta, which resulted in the experience of millions of players, players have been divided between fans and haters of the game. So, did you succeed in that, follow us to review and evaluate the game to know the answer.

Let’s tell you before we go into the review process of this game, who was expecting a massive and deep experience from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we would like to say with all heart that you will be very disappointed just as we felt, we remember when we saw the first teaser of the game alongside the members of VGA4A we were very excited to try the game and even after trying the beta of the game, which was very bad, we had a glimmer of hope to see a beautiful final product free of beta defects, but the beta was a small bad part of the final product.

The story of the game without any (burning) for it is an attempt to regain control of the island of Aurora, whose communication signal has disappeared, before a coup occurred in it, the island was calm and enjoyed a stable life full of modern technology devoted to serving humans, such as robots, drones, and others, and of course after it got worse Things are sent a specialized team of “ghosts” to investigate the matter and surprisingly you will be in your enemy, who is also one of the rogue “ghosts” who have turned and become bad.

At the beginning of the first hours of the game, you will be surprised for a moment by the graphics of the game, and you will certainly be excited about its story, especially with the first task, which will be spent searching for survivors of your team members after they fell from the plane, but after progressing more and more in the story, you will regret all the deep regret for wasting your time in playing this game. The game that was supposed to be much better than the previous part, Wild Lands, but on the contrary, the previous part was and still is a hundred times better than the current part, Breakpoint…!

The gameplay of Breakpoint is one of the worst among the titles released this year, we don’t know from where to start, did he criticize the camera and the way it moves so that it annoys the player, or criticize the presence of the character in the middle of the screen completely and so close that it confuses the player during clashes with the enemy, or Swipe fighting style, shooting and other dozens of other very bad problems…!

As a AAA game, we find it very sad to see this huge number of defects and problems in it, especially since the game is developed by Ubisoft studios, which usually innovate in designing worlds in games that are completely similar to the worlds on the ground, some of the positives that were found in the game Breakpoint is the design of Aurora Island, for example. We find various terrains in the game, as well as a variety of sun and rainy weather, with a clear and explicit intervention of the graphics that have improved from the previous part, Wild Lands, and the rest is a disaster in every sense of the word.

The player will notice a great repetition in the main missions, but what we found interesting is the last mission where you will be able to eliminate the head of the Sharjah gang of ghosts “John Bernthal” and there and in that particular mission the game will make you feel the literal meaning of wars and how you can survive as a lone military soldier surrounded with all the possible dangers and traps that can kill you.

Unfortunately, the story of the game ranges between 10 to 12 hours only, and it can be completed in a maximum period of 7 hours only, as happened with me, and this period is enough to judge the game and review it in the presence of these problems that we mentioned in the story and below we will address the phases of team play And, of course, we forgot to mention that the game needs a permanent connection to the Internet, as usual for most of the company’s games and titles, and this problem in itself is considered a major negative..!

Online phases, of course, the story mode can be played alongside friends by sending invitations, and we have always had a lot of problems while playing only one mission with any friend. One of the times we tried to play a mission with a friend, it crashed and disappeared, and we had to autosave and we had to cancel the invitation to return the progress in the game.

The Ghost War mode, which is a mode that allows you to play 4 against 4 is very bad and difficult to find players, and if you happen and find someone to play this mode, you will die very quickly due to your inability to identify any enemy not through the feature of identifying enemies, not even Through your drone, in short, the online modes of the game have not been properly mastered.

We are now heading to the graphics, falling frames, clear and frank cuts in the image, and wholesale errors, including a not strong focus on the main character without it, but the developer, for example, and the forms of fire and light reflection were well represented in the game’s graphics.

The voices, finally we can say here that the main character in a game from Tom Clancy’s games of UBsoft has started talking and hearing her voice, but unfortunately this happened in a bad game like Breakpoint, and with that the movement of the lips does not fit at all with the speech coming out of the character’s mouth, but as a review of the game, the best section in it, despite the flaws, will be the voice section.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game highlights


  • Beautiful and varied terrain in the game.
  • Some story events may merge with it somewhat.


  • Very short story.
  • Bulk technical errors.
  • A sharp drop in the game tires frequently.
  • Bad gameplay and far from high professionalism in the company’s games in general and Tom Clancy’s series in particular.
  • The image is cut, and sometimes the graphics are modest and seem as if they belong to the previous generation.
  • Finally, the main character in Tom Clancy’s games spoke, but even so, the movement of the character’s lips did not match the words coming out of her mouth.


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