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Final Fantasy 7 Remake, A New Definition Of The Series

Finally, a new return to the distinguished fantasy series in the world of Final Fantasy video games, although the return is not entirely new, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake will provide the sufficient dose for fans of the series wherever they are and whatever their age, we mean the veterans and new players.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a new reimagining of the game that was first released on the PlayStation 1 in 1997, and it was one of the games that provided very large content, especially as it was released on more than one disc, and this with the same event was a rare thing at the time, but let’s go back to the remake that will shock you At first, its size will be about 100 GB, but each gigabyte of it may be worth it to be installed on your PlayStation 4.

The game, as mentioned, is a re-imagining, meaning that we will see a big difference from the original version, especially with regard to the style of play, which is now direct, and not the Japanese role system, which allows the player to launch his strike, then the opponent launches his strike, and so on until one person eliminates the other. The game can be said that it has become action. RPGs with hack and slash features or fast sword fighting.

Before we talk about the gameplay, which has undergone a lot of changes, we want to give you a brief about the story of the game, which centers around the character of Cloud Stream, who was a soldier from the Shinra forces before he defected and joined a group described as outlaws called AVALANCHE, whose resistance is against the Shinra is accused of absorbing the planet’s energy and seeking to destroy it.

The story of the game is attractive and well-known without many changes if you are one of those who have tried the original game and it contains a lot of moments that you will be eager to discover its threads until the end, despite the slow pace of events sometimes, especially the beginning.

The style of play received a lot of changes from the original game, where the game abandoned the Japanese RPG style to turn to the western style of fast action RPG, where the player fights, confronts and avoids strikes directly with opponents who are usually one or a number of enemies in same time.

The game offers you many of the features that were in the original game. In addition to fighting with swords with special abilities, you will also have special side abilities such as magic and special skills, and all these abilities can be developed by the player during his progress in the game depending on collecting the game currency that he can obtain from Completing the main and side missions in addition to obtaining self-rewards obtained from the game world.

What is new in the matter is the combination of the use of the sword in the killer and the special abilities that were placed under the X button on the PlayStation 4 console, as it enters you into a small side menu through which you can use the side abilities, whether for treatment, special abilities or magical abilities, but this will not get you out of The atmosphere of the game, but time will be slowed down so you can choose and implement directly.

This made the game maintain its old system, but present it in a modern way that fits the new style of play in a smooth and enjoyable way.

There will be a lot of room to develop the character’s abilities and weapons, in addition to the ability to also develop the abilities of the side characters that will accompany you in exploration and battles, where there will sometimes be the possibility to switch between the character of Cloud and the accompanying character to carry out an enjoyable double combat, but there will also be an opportunity to carry out double attacks These abilities will appear to you at specific times depending on the speed and quality of the combat unit.

The battles in the game with quick punches and the use of special abilities will make the atmosphere of the battles something exciting and you will listen to it a lot, although the game will try to pressure you by increasing the number of enemies in one battle as you progress in it, so we always advise you to carry out side missions and get money to buy weapons and support resources It enables you to increase your strength to deal with enemies as you advance in a faster and full of energy, especially as you will reach a stage where you can carry out complex strikes that greatly drain your opponent’s abilities.

There are Materias balls that can be added in specific boxes for each weapon so that they provide the player with special abilities, whether by doubling XP points, increasing damage, building a protection shield … etc., and these Materias can be obtained by purchasing them from the points of sale that will be determined for you in the city of Midgard, which will be the center of the game and the stronghold of the missions you will be carrying out.

Each weapon will have its own capabilities in attack, defense and implementation of special movements. These special abilities can be developed through the XP points that you get from eliminating enemies during play. You can also develop them through points of sale and development of weapons in the city of Midgard, and through the experience for the game, we always recommend visiting these points to develop and modify weapons, or perhaps buy new weapons with better efficiency that you will need when you progress in the game, along with the armor that will help withstand strikes during the fight.

The graphics of the game, like any remake, have received a big shift from the original game, and the characters have become special features, and as many fans of the series know, the designs of the characters of the Final Fantasy series are always beautiful, and this is what we will get in the game, although the level of the jump did not reach the level of the jump in other remakes such as Resident Evil 2 and recently 3 are the best so far, but this will not affect the game experience, which will be very enjoyable.

What is wrong with the game is the control system, which needs some adjustments, especially during the fighting, where you encountered some slow response, especially in the battles of the leaders, which need you to switch between attack and push, or take advantage of narrow opportunities to carry out a critical strike, as we missed many of these moments because of the delay in response to the game Respond Lag, and this angered us very frankly.

The music and sounds were fun in the game and fit with its atmosphere, but we advise everyone who wants to have full fun to adjust the language of the characters to the original Japanese and activate the English translation system so that you enjoy the sounds in harmony with the movement of the characters.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake highlights


  • A good move in the level of graphics, especially the design of the characters and the game world
  • Fast paced gameplay full of exciting moments
  • The ability to combine combat with swords and the use of special abilities is smooth and fast
  • The game still maintains its story with a better presentation system than before
  • Existence of a system for the development of weapons and capabilities


  • Respond Lag Problem
  • There is no format for the character and abilities development tree as in RPG games


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