Ezio The Greatest Assassin
Xbox Games

It has been a popular demand since the first round of our “Gaming Characters” paragraph… Ezio’s character, we cannot skimp on you with this particular paragraph because it contains many and many interesting stories. Our paragraph today will tell a complete transformation journey. Pride, playful, master of the Assassins, and a wise man, it was a journey that was not easy at all. We remember every moment, starting from the first moment of grief we faced with the death of the Ezio family in front of his eyes to receiving the inheritance of his father and grandfathers of the most mysterious faith that he knew nothing about until he was seventeen years and other situations that marked the history of one of the most wonderful game characters, let’s tell a difficult, immersive and most wonderful journey in the Assassin’s Creed series.

The birth of one of the most important masters of the Assassins was not expected

Ezio The Greatest Assassin
Xbox Games

I have lived my life as best I can, without knowing its purpose, but I have been drawn forward like a wandering butterfly without knowing its destination; and here at last I discover the strange fact that I am but a messenger of a message beyond my comprehension.

That’s one of the words of Master Ezio, but let me talk about the journey from the beginning. Full name: Ezio Auditore da Firenze. In 1459 he was the greatest fighter and assassin in Florence. He is one of the ancestors of our second hero of the Ezio triad, Desmond Miles, who wanted to look at History of his predecessor’s reconquest of the Italian Assassins.

The journey began in that poverty-stricken Italian city, although Ezio came from a prestigious family, the well-known family of Auditore, who represented in the first row against the Templars without our hero realizing that fact. He was an ordinary, playful young man. Having fun with his friends as he was in constant skirmishes with that group, fist fights were a feature of his life, but something happened that changed the course of events and the character of our hero upside down.

Ezio witnessed the hanging of his father and two brothers, Federico and Petruccio. Hence, after being betrayed by one of his father’s closest friends, Ezio was forced to flee his hometown with the remaining members of his family, his mother and sister, and sought refuge with his uncle in the Tuscany town of Monterigoni, in the Villa Auditori. Ezio wanted to flee or take revenge blindly and a little impulsively at first, but his uncle Mario trained him to think a thousand times before making any fateful decision.

An adventure of exploration, bloodshed and revenge combined to create the greatest foundation

While focusing on the target, which is the big head of the Templars group Rodrigo Borgia and responsible for the murder of his father and brothers, the apple of Eden was the destination of the killer of “Ezio” father and his brother in particular, that apple that carries great powers made by a civilization of first people that both the Assassins and the Assassins flock to. Templars as Hungry Wolves Ezio finds himself in the throes and midst of this struggle until he manages not only to unify the pages of the manuscript by Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad and reveal its secrets, but also to save the cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome from the rule of the Templars.

The chase went on for several years, but Ezio achieved his goal of getting the apple of Eden and left his father’s killer to have another chance to fix his life, but this decision was clearly not entirely right, because Rodrigo Borgia continued to chase Ezio, but in another way by His son, Cesare Borgia, who held fast to the rule of Italy by his tyranny, took Cesare Borgia from Ezio’s apple upon seeing him.

The apple of Eden caused so many crises in fact that the son went crazy, here we mean Cesare Borgia who strangled his father Rodrigo Borgia, and when Ezio learned about this, he focused on revenge against Cesare Borgia, especially after he was the one who killed his uncle, but the journey did not end with the judiciary Fortunately for his staunch enemies, Ezio’s goal was much higher.

Altaïr was found after years of searching

Ezio The Greatest Assassin
Xbox Games

After the events at the Colosseum Vault that lead to Lucy Stillman’s death in the present, Desmond Miles falls into a coma and awakens in the black Animus room, while Sean Hastings stays in Rome for Lucy’s funeral while William watches Abu Desmond and Rebecca Crane find his condition on their way to New York City, but more importantly, what happened to Ezio?

In March 1511, Ezio traveled to Masyaf after discovering a letter from his late father concerning the secret library of the master Altaïr, rumored to contain invaluable knowledge, hidden under an ancient fortress. There, he was received by a battalion of Templars led by Leandros, who managed to His forces defeated Ezio in a battle and in the midst of initiating his execution, Ezio managed to escape and returned to the castle, later finding the entrance to the library, but learning that it needed special keys to be opened.

By May, Ezio had arrived in Constantinople, where he met a young man before landing who later appeared as the prince and heir of the city who befriended and became an ally with our hero. On a tour with Ezio in the city, he introduced him to the guild and introduced the remains of the Byzantine Empire within the city. Ezio also received a Hookblade and was taught how to use it as Ezio had more adventures and killed enemies there in Turkey.

There he met Sophia, who was destined to be his wife after that, and after he drank from the bitter cup of love after the murder of his first girlfriend Christine, so when Sophia was kidnapped and she too was in the middle of the conflict, Ezio flew in a rage and attacked the Templars with great force with Local Assassins After being rescued, Sophia helps Ezio hunt down the corrupt Sultan Ahmed and retrieve the keys to the Altair Library that Ezio originally came to Turkey for.

A sentence, as usual, the last of which is a point.

Ezio and Sophia eventually traveled to the Altaïr Library in May 1512 once Ezio decided to retire as a murderer.

And after he succeeded in entering Altaïr’s library, my eyes were gleaming from the silence that pervaded the place. Ezio’s meeting with Altair’s corpse and his standing in reverence and respect for the Assassin’s greatest teacher was a majestic scene that sets an example and makes it the true standard for how the vibrant cinematic scene in the game.

The two left Masyaf and married, before the couple moved to a villa outside Florence and in 1524, while touring the city market, our hero’s hour had come to close the curtain on a life full of adventures and explorations that Ezio lived and lived with him, and he said My friend Ahmed Al-Sayegh about this scene is the most beautiful words, and we honestly cannot say better than them:

A young man approached him and sat down beside him and began to grumble about the current state of Firenze, saying, When will he have the opportunity to leave that filthy, stench-like town and leave for Rome, for example, so that Ezio will reply to him and tell him that Rome is not his problem, referring to the mentality the young man is thinking, which instead of To thank God for his presence in his home city without being forced to leave it, as happened with our hero, as he sits complaining about everything.

Unfortunately, Ezio’s hour has come, and this is the year of life. It does not stand on a person, place or time, but only a person is able to change the framework of this world, but not his fate or destiny, and this happened with our hero, where he changed from the personality of pride and sensuality, becoming the most ambitious Assassin… With everything ending in an instant, his last words were:

When I was young, I had freedom but I didn’t see it. I had time but I didn’t realize it. I had love but I didn’t feel it.

Will we ever see a character like Ezio? We don’t know, but until that time comes, we can say together the famous sentence Requiescat in Pace, Master.


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