Deacon St. John

We would like to talk about an exceptional figure in the world of gaming to a game that has received varying reviews, the game Days Gone, which made a fuss because it was not established like the rest of the Sony titles, but if we look at the horizon. We did not see any of this at all compared to even the usual Sony games, but we will say a word and we mean it with every letter. If Sony spit in any year for the industry it made it exceptional with its games that often surpassed the movies but we are here to talk about a character whose name is etched in our memory, forever.

A character with an iron heart, but broken…always in a hurry to find things out (or often), a mercenary but doesn’t break his principles, loving… he can’t do anything with his love, he’s the valiant Deacon St. John, who has two names where he is also referred to as Deek, may have understated his star for many but we’re going to ignite that idleness, yes, this motorcyclist might sound crazy to you at first with his tattoos on his arm. Deek also wears several rings, most notably the one he has the letters “MC”, his wedding ring and a large dog skull ring, but his heart is thin. Juveniles have carved this deep hole in his heart and his feelings.

Mercenary soldier

“Yes, we mean you, Deek.” The only one from a horrific incident of Freakers outbreak almost all over the world, and his heart was not filled with sadness until the moment of losing his wife “Sarah” he turns into a mercenary.

That character formed that dead heart as a result of the world approaching its destiny as it is the case, and he pushes the reins of this world forward with all his possessions, trying to adapt to that brutal nature, one does not know if he will die tomorrow, eaten by those freaks, or find himself lying in a river, thieves steal everything he owns, but Deacon St. John has a lot of friends to make life a bit easier, most notably Boozer.

“Life always pushes people, people to do things that are not in accordance with the law, but when livelihoods are narrow, they can do anything… unfortunately.”

Barren… Quiet… Arid

Deek was born in the 1980s and grew up in Farewell, and at some point, during his childhood his mother died of unknown causes, and since his death he began his transition into adulthood rapidly (transition can often be psychological and mental rather than physical) where he learned how to He eliminated rats’ nests by drowning them, and didn’t achieve high academic scores (an expected end for a reckless guy).

“Oh, this universe. It is really strange, it is possible that we break our fast or learn things inside us that we were not aware of when we were old, like the Deacon who used to kill mice’s nests, and when we grew up, it was the turn of monsters’ nests.”

In light of his work as a soldier, as we said above, and his honorable work for the American army, and the stability of his life in this manner, a mission forced him to go to the country of Afghanistan, specifically in “Mazar-i-Sharif” and during the teams’ going to carry out the mission, they met an ambush in the “Taliban” equipped with cannons and everything you desire from Weapons and of course, they were crushed by this ambush but Deek executed him and this was the main reason for his discharge from the army, passing by the hospital for several days as a result of this accident to join the Mongrels Motorcycle Club, which made him that picture (apparently) that we see on him.

His life became quiet when he returned to the United States and met his friend Boozer, who works in arms, and the couple became like brothers really in everything. But monsters sabotaged Deek’s dreams of creating the family he had always dreamed of, and his wife, who bled to death, was stabbed to death in an unknown camp where she went on a plane to save the survivors, and his life from here became like hell, which we see in the game through the events that put him on the line from time to time.

Deacon…Complex character

Deacon is quite a complex person, even before the apocalypse, Deek has suffered a lot of trauma since he joined the mission, he has a rather bleak outlook, he’s “crushed” having lost so much since the outbreak, Deacon still wears some valuable accessories as they remind him of the times in which he lived under a member of the club, it is the brotherhood and camaraderie he felt with his club where he felt the belonging he once had, at the same time Deacon still retains some aspects of his law, because he will not attack unarmed women and he will be angry with anyone who does .

Despite this, Deek is still very nice and even sarcastic, and makes jokes with those with whom he has a good relationship, but his life as a mercenary has not been in the best shape in terms of his “working life”, because Deacon doesn’t seem to be doing a good job taking orders from Others, so much so that he admits that he hated every minute of his military service, seems too quick to ignore the concerns of the chiefs of the settlements and camps who have asked him for help, but does his work when he needs to win favor with the other camps.

Deacon is far from heartless, as he goes to save Manny from a group of bandits, this was a part through self-interest where Manny is able to help him due to his skill as a mechanic, Deacon also rescues Lisa Jackson, a teenage living Alone and assaulted by some of the Rippers, he regrets taking her to Tacker, who was Lisa’s neighbour before, as she forces her to work as a slave.

Deacon later rescues her again from the Rippers after she escapes, and delivers her to Rikki, who takes Lisa to Camp Iron Mike, but he gets angry when he learns that she’s gone again, and if we go back to the beginning of the game, the Rippers burn Boozer’s arm and cause internal burns as well and some As events go on, Boozer doesn’t improve, so Deek sets out to collect ingredients to make an ointment for the burns, though Boozer feels useless, Boozer eventually develops a fever and shoots Deacon with his rifle but he wipes out the disease by amputating his arm, so we shoot him in a bun.

But we do not want to burn events and in the end, we say this to prove that Deek is good with those who take the same path.

The last word

Deacon or Deek whatever you call him, he has a special charisma among all the beloved Sony characters. He’s a real character with deep wounds in normal life. Unlike most Sony characters who are more fanciful and things like that, we’re losing out on one of the best Characters Over the past decade Sony has canceled work on the new sequel, but that’s how life always goes, closing with Graham Greene’s quote – “The world has stopped making heroes.”


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