Children of Morta | Family Is More Important Than Anything Else


Children of Morata is a game about the importance of family and the love and care we share for each other as members of one family. But in terms of the mechanism of the gameplay, it is a roguelike and fighting game that was designed with love and passion, but in the circumstances in which we are currently living, the game made us remember the importance of family more than ever. It is true that the game is not new, but we managed to play it recently and we wanted to share with you our experience with this independent masterpiece.

Children of Morta is about the Bergsons, a family tasked with protecting an ancient mountain from Corruption, whose threat increases with time. There are a lot of different places where you will fight corruption but like any other roguelike game, if you die you will go back to the beginning. What sets it apart from other style games like Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon is that the starting point is the Bergsons home. Here, the essence of Morta’s children shows us and how it offers us an interesting interactive narration and fun gameplay elements.

As you advance in the game and progress you will be able to collect money and experience with which you can buy skills and improvements for your character. There are more than one playable character and each one of them has their own skills and playing style which increases change and reduces boredom. For example, Father John uses a sword and a shield and his playing style tends to be more defensive, while his son Kevin uses two daggers and moves broadly between enemies, but cannot block strikes.

As the story develops, members of the Bergson family are introduced and unlock new game modes. In an effort to reduce the chances of players being too dependent on a single character, every family member can suffer from fatigue if it is used too much and this will reduce their fighting power and then you have to give them some time and rest to recover. This system frustrated us a bit at the beginning of the game as we got attached to one character more than the other but in the end, we appreciated what the developers were aiming for as it forced us to change the gameplay and took us out of our comfort zone.

The combat system in Children of Morta differs from one character to another, and it is usually a mixture of close and long combat and special attacks, and when you level up, you will be able to get more abilities and moves that you can use in combat. There are also tons of customizations that you can find in each area that will help you customize the gameplay you want.

There are also some elements that enable you to modify the attacks, defense and abilities of your character in each stage, which are divided into six different classes and help add more variety and increase the chance of playing it again to try everything in it. The difficulty and design of the game may put some players away because of its difficulty, but after dying a few times you will understand the game more and you will learn it faster but again we will remind you that you will die a lot before you make any significant progress.

Despite the beauty and fun of its mechanics and gameplay, the most beautiful thing about Children of Morta and the reason you might buy the game is because of its story and narration. The story is told from a third person perspective with the voice of a great voice actor and makes you enjoy each script and event more than desired. As corruption approaches more and more you will see the family develop and struggle, which is really cool. Besides, each family member has their own personalities and this influences the gameplay and story in an impressive way especially when you play it.

Compared to other style games, Children of Morta is a relatively short game in this style and although it is playable again, this aspect is not as strong as other style games. In the end, we can say that it is one of the most beautiful independent games and one of the best roguelike games, and we recommend it to you.

Children of Morta review

A lot of love and passion was put into Children of Morta and it provided us with an interesting and beautiful story and narration that harmonizes with its fun and challenging gameplay, making it one of the really special games despite its weak early hours.


  • Interactive story
  • Family members evolve over time and influence the novel and style of play
  • A deep combat system that can be customized to match your playing style
  • Gorgeous pixel graphics and exciting audio performance


  • Playability again is present but not as high as other style games
  • The first hours are difficult and the game shows its beauty after that, which may keep some players away


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