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Toronto Raptors Beat GSW to Extend Lead to 3-1

Wow! What a twist of events! The GSW machine has been hailed as the team to beat, the unstoppable force driven by two finals MVPs, one defensive player of the year, and one 3-point champion.

Yet here we are, the Warriors are one game away from losing the championship to the Toronto Raptors; and this is coming from a GSW team that has won 3 championships in the past 4 years.

This will be the first championship of the Raptors if they win the next game; the Warrios will need to channel the Cavaliers to get their own comeback from a 1-3.

One could say that this isn’t the real GSW team we are seeing as Klay Thompson is still recovering from an injury and Kevin Durant is still out of commission from a calf injury, but Toronto also has its share of injuries. Kawhi Leonard still is not moving as effortlessly as he was this past season ever since the game against the Bucks, Kyle Lowry still has an injured left thumb, and Fred VanVleet needed stitches after the last game.

Kawhi led the Raptors with 36 points and Ibaka with 20 points off the bench.

If the Raptors win just one more game, history will be made. Canada will finally win an NBA championship. Too bad Vince Carter, who put the Raptors on the map, isn’t on the team now that they’re on the verge of winning a championship.

Nadal Beats Federer in Another French Open

Nadal lives up to his name of being called the King of the Clay.

Federer is arguably the greatest of all time in tennis but on the clay, Nadal is simply unbeatable.

Towards the end of the game, it was obvious that Federer had accepted his defeat; there was no more fight left in him.

Aside from contending with Nadal’s skill and game IQ, he had to contend with strong winds and mini dust storms, which didn’t seem to phase Nadal as much.

However, Federer left the court to chants of “Roger! Roger!” Even Nadal commented that Federer is the greatest player in history for him.

Nadal will play against either Djokovic or Thiem.

Lebron James is the Greatest of His Time

LBJ called himself the greatest of all time when his team overcame a 1-3 vs GSW and brought home the first championship to Cleveland. He did accomplish the impossible, he beat the greatest team ever assembled and on odds that, historically, no team has recovered from.

LBJ has given us amazing performances; in 2015, with both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love out for the finals, Lebron averaged 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds, and 8.8 assists over 6 games. He was able to single handedly keep the Cavaliers in the running versus the well-oiled scoring machine. He should have been proclaimed the finals MVP even though his team didn’t win.

I don’t think we have ever had a player as physically gifted as Lebron who still manages to dominate and be an MVP caliber player after so many seasons. Those who argue that he is the greatest of all time may have a point. However, in my opinion he does not deserve to claim the title the greatest of all time.

Sure, his numbers are stellar, and he is faster, bigger, and is more versatile than the true G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan. But Michael Jordan has one stat that Lebron has yet to beat. That stat is his wins. MJ has more championship rings that LBJ. Stats matter but what’s more important is how those stats translate to championships.

MJ also has the killer instinct; he could be depended on to take the game winning shot and he would ask to take the shot. This killer instinct is something LBJ has to develop if he wants to claim the title of the GOAT from MJ.

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Niki Lauda Dies at 70

Niki Lauda, best remembered for his portrayal in the film, Rush, passed away peacefully at the age of 70.

He was an icon for the sport, surviving and recovering from a bad burn from a crash. He also inhaled toxic gasses from the crash. In fact, he was given his last rites in the hospital after his crash and no one thought he would survive. He returned to racing 40 days later with bandages and he went on to win 3 world championships for Ferrari over his career.

Lauda became a successful entrepreneur after his career with Formula 1. He was an icon to the sport and his tremendous spirit and inspiring story is one that people should know. His life is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Arnold Critiques Current State of Bodybuilding

During the Arnold Classic, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about how bodybuilding today is very different from his time. Bodybuilding used to be all about proportions and symmetry. However, today, bodybuilding is all about size.

Arnold laments the fact that most of the champions in bodybuilding events today are all too massive, with big stomachs and unable to hold the vacuum pose. He wants bodybuilding to go back to the way it was, where people had to really sculpt their bodies and ensure that they looked good, like gods from ancient Greek statues.

One could argue that the emphasis on size was driven by Ronnie Coleman, who won Mr. Olympia and kept becoming more and more massive over the years while still winning. This has led a lot of contestants to emulate his physique and really focus on size over proportion.

Personally, I think that bodybuilding standards should change as the perception of what the perfect body is changes over the years. However, most of the winners today do not look good. They look too massive to the point where their bodies really look unnatural.

I agree whole-heartedly with Arnold.

Eddie Hall Deadlifts 500KG

Eddie Hall makes history, being the first person to deadlift 500kg.

This amazing feat of strength took a great toll on the athlete; during the lift blood vessels in his brain burst. Paramedics had to rush to the scene to assist Eddie. He recalls waking up in a pool of blood with blood coming out of his nose, ears, and tear ducts. He lost his vision for a few hours and for a few weeks could not remember the names of his wife and children.

Eddie shared that he never deadlifted 500kg in training. He relied on his adrenaline; he shares that he put himself in a place mentally where if he didn’t complete the lift, his work and legacy would be in vain.

Eddie shows us the strength of the human mind and of the body; he was able to complete a lift despite only lifting 450kg during training. He added 50kg on his max on the day he attempted the record and was able to complete the lift.

Eddie Hall is really something else, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for this athlete, especially after he announced his retirement from strongman.