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Experienced gamers and novice gamers alike need dedicated headsets. They must be reliable so that you can fight for hours in battles. And have a surround sound that will immerse you in the virtual world and will not let you miss a single movement of the enemy. The best gaming headsets of 2022 – in the Gamezone Star expert review

Why do you need gaming headsets? They really help to win. The better the sound, the more chances you have to catch the opponent’s movement, bypass him and, thereby, win the trophy. Often in the game (especially in “shooters”) you can hear how the opponent is walking, and what is important to catch from which side. In some virtual missions, audio is an integral part of the mission.

The gaming headsets are comfortable. They are designed so that nothing distracts from the virtual battle. A long wire and a reliable braid – and now you are already rolling around on a chair in a room without fear of getting tangled. As a rule, their protection is reliable, she doesn’t care about corners, rolling on a chair, pets’ teeth … In a word, they will not break.

Finally, headsets are immersed in virtual reality – surround sound creates the effect of being in the game. By the way, for this reason, many people like to watch movies in gaming headsets. Moreover, at a high-quality level.

Most often, gaming headsets are an on-ear, full-size design. They are well soundproofed. But the connection method is not important here. Wireless is fine if you’re willing to keep an eye on your charging at all times. It is worth paying attention to the microphone, because in the game, gamers often communicate with each other.

In product descriptions you can find such terms as “7.1 sound and 3D sound”. The 7.1 format applies not only to speakers but also to headsets. Yes, 7.1 sound is seven speakers around the room and one subwoofer. And in headsets, this term is used mostly as a marketing ploy. The manufacturer uses it to emphasize technologies that allow for high-quality surround sound. Naturally, there are no built-in “speakers”.

3D sound also exists in various gadgets and is used not only in home theaters. Of course, as in the case of 7.1, this is not about the columns, which are arranged along three perpendicular axes. And about high-quality surround sound, achieved with the help of technical and software manipulations.

Expert selection

SteelSeries Arctis 9

SteelSeries Arctis 9 Headsets – The quality justifies the high price tag. They sound professional and do equally well with games, music and movies.

The headset is easy to use. It can be connected to two sound sources at once, for example, to play and listen to music from a smartphone. A separate wheel helps balance between game and chat volume.

The earbuds have a powerful battery that allows you to actively play for 20 hours in a row.

The design is durable, it will serve for a long time. The set includes over-ear pads, and the sound is controlled by a switch on the headsets. The retractable, bi-directional noise-cancelling microphone makes your sound perfect.

Pros and cons

+ Holds charging well, excellent sound and noise isolation, there is support for Playstation and Bluetooth

– Not everyone is comfortable with ear pads, you need to adjust the sound. If the battery is dead, the microphone cannot be used with a wired connection.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets of 2022 according to Gamezone Star

1. Logitech G Pro X Wireless

Voice transmission – on the top five with a plus, they support Blue Voice technology – this is a voice filtering during recording in real time. In this way, background noise is reduced, and the user’s voice becomes richer. As if a TV presenter is broadcasting.

A rich set of interchangeable ear pads, a sound card, cables for connecting to different types of devices, and a cover is included. The design is decent, suitable not only for e-sports, but also appropriate for the office. The design is comfortable due to the adjustment and padded headband. The frame is metal, which means “unkillable”.

Configured using the proprietary G HUB control center, it can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Speakers can be separately noted. They support surround sound, are also suitable for listening to music, and even in the transfer of special effects in films and games, they are in the top of the best.

Pros and cons

+ Surround sound, quality construction, attractive design

– Weak bass, settings go wrong, button

2. HyperX Cloud Flight S

The best wireless gaming headsets in a relatively budget segment, gaming headsets with 7.1 sound. Provides 30 hours of active play on a single charge. You can use a cable. There are two connection methods – 3.5mm and USB.

They have a folding design, so it is convenient to take them with you even in a small bag, as well as store them – they will not take up much space.

Produces loud, clear sound. Soft ear cushions are comfortable and protect from extraneous sounds. The microphone is removable, with noise reduction. The headsets are compatible with many gadgets, including Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Pros and cons

+ Long battery life, wireless charging, microphone mute indicator

– Sound quality through microphone, there may be interference

3. SteelSeries Arctis 7P

In short, it is high-quality sound and a comfortable fit. This wireless headset is specially designed for PlayStation, but perfectly compatible with PC, Android, Nintendo Switch. Sound is transmitted over a high-frequency radio channel, and a bi-directional microphone transmits the slightest gasp from the player.

Stays in these headsets for many hours thanks to the soft ear cushions made of the proprietary material. In addition, the gamer will not interfere with the household in any way. The headset is soundproofed, which does not let any noise into the outside world.

As a nice bonus – elastic Velcro straps, the length is easily adjustable.

Charging allows you to play day and night. The main advantage of the model is its versatility. The supplied USB can be connected to your favorite device.

Pros and cons

+ Equalizer, attractive design, build quality and sound

– Sound distortion may occur at high volume

4. Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

Gaming wired headsets with the best microphone. Closed-back stereo headset. It is important to know that this model does not have software, the headset is connected only via analog inputs.

The set includes a case in which it is easy to carry or store the headsets. There are also two detachable cables for connecting the headset to different devices. But the microphone here is surprisingly not removable.

The ear cushions are made of high-quality leatherette material, which guarantees good sound insulation and does not wear out over time.

The headsets have two mini jacks. The frequency range of work is high, which indicates a professional level. The microphone in the model is built into the left earcup. To turn it off, just rotate it to a vertical position.

Pros and cons

+ Good sound and noise isolation, light weight, great microphone

– Build quality, awkward cable, weak bass

5. JBL Quantum One

Backlit PC Gaming Headsets Wired with 3D Sound.

Nice package, which includes a 3.5 mm audio cable, calibration mic, detachable directional microphone, windproof microphone foam and USB cable-adapter with game-chat balance adjustment.

The construction is made of durable plastic. The control panel is located on the left cup. One of the chips is the backlight. In the JBL Quantum Engine app, it can be either disabled or configured.

Decent bass, high sounds are common. The volume is not loud, but it is enough for watching movies or playing games in a quiet place. There is an active noise cancellation function.

Pros and cons

+ Good build quality, good materials, comfortable fit

– Not very good sound at maximum volume, settings may “fly off”

6. Logitech G733

Good gaming headsets with lighting and fabric ear cushions. Multichannel headset with good surround sound, the “filling” allows you to call the model a professional one. There is multi-colored RGB lighting that will “cheer up” the gamer. She reacts to sound. That is, it can be configured and it will produce certain sound reactions.

The structure has the property of memory, that is, it takes the shape of the player’s head, you can comfortably use them for a long time. The microphone is unidirectional, but with a volume control.

A wireless headset is also great for watching movies. Moreover, you can move around the apartment – the range is up to 20 meters.

The microphone in this model is of high quality, does not distort the voice and transmits even minor noises.

Pros and cons

+ Lightweight design, convenient on / off key, stylish design

– The sound is normal, without any peculiarities. There may be interference, quiet microphone

7. HyperX Cloud Orbit S

The best gaming headsets for your computer: magneto-planar drivers, great sound. Headsets are wired. Note, Bluetooth is not provided. Their distinctive feature is their large size, which is just right for gamers, they are comfortable. The ear cushions completely eliminate external noise. The cups are easy to turn, so the structure is easy to fold.

Although the headset is wired, it needs charging via USB, because there is a built-in battery. And this “recharge” is needed if the headsets work through a mini-jack. If you connect to a phone or computer via USB, then the headsets are charged directly.

Sound quality, or rather its volume, is achieved with support for 7.1 (eight-channel surround sound system) or Hi-Res Audio – high-resolution audio. These modes can be switched depending on the game. A feature of the model is head tracking and automatic sound adjustment. Combined with 3D sound, the atmosphere in the game is more than real.

Pros and cons

+ High sound quality, convenient APP control, built-in amplifier

– Quiet microphone, plastic assembly, weak construction

8. SteelSeries Arctis Pro USB

High-quality wired headsets with microphone for gaming. The headset has speakers with high-density magnets that are capable of reproducing sound nearly double the standard frequency range. The game becomes “live”.

The headsets are equipped with special technology to synchronize lighting effects with all SteelSeries devices. There is a volume control on the earpiece. You can completely disconnect the cable; you can also connect a regular cable with a 3.5 mm jack to the headset. The ear cushions are easy to remove and made of breathable material.

The design is made in a gaming style. Equipped with a bi-directional noise cancelling microphone. The model is perfect for games that require precise positioning.

Pros and cons

+ High-quality sound, convenient design, additional sound setting in the application

– Microphone may distort voice, unreliable assembly, no carrying case

9. HyperX Cloud Alpha S

The model has replaceable shape memory ear pads. There are no modern gimmicks such as lighting or software. However, the frame looks stylish and expensive and, most importantly, it is reliable due to the metal structure and the absence of “gloss”.

Determine where the sound comes from in these headsets you can accurately. It is also easy to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. The model is also suitable for watching movies and streams.

The microphone does not distort the voice, suppresses extraneous noise. The microphone, by the way, is removable for the headsets, it can be installed in the most convenient position for yourself. Connection to the device using a cable with a universal mini jack 3.5 mm. The volume control is located on the wire.

The headsets support HyperX 7.1 technology, that is, surround sound and are compatible with Playstation 4.

Pros and cons

+ Clear sound, comfortable fit, attractive appearance

– Short cord, quiet microphone, inconvenient volume control

10. Asus ROG Theta 7.1

There are no complaints about the sound quality. Surround audio is achieved through speakers. There are eight of them, and four more amplifiers. So the effect of reality in this model is at its best, there is also intelligent noise reduction – an adjustment to the surrounding reality.

However, the headsets are quite massive, but at the same time, ultra-durable. The microphone is located on a removable foot, and the switched off microphone will signal with a backlight. The cable is additionally protected from kinks. The headsets can be controlled using ASUS Armory software.

Pros and cons

+ Comfortable ear pads, eight-channel surround sound, quality build

  • Heavy construction, software malfunctioning, massive wires

How to choose a gaming headset

Before you buy gaming headsets, look at parameters such as:

  • Construction, form

Look for headsets that have a dual headband design. Usually it is a metal “headband” and a soft head pad. This way the ear cups will fit snugly around your ears. The ear cushions make a difference too. It is better to choose foam – they have a memory function, they are breathable.

  • Microphone

This element is very important because in online games you often have to communicate with your teammates. Sometimes, and perform tasks where the “voice” is needed. Choose a highly sensitive active noise cancelling microphone.

  • Specifications

See for surround sound. This will give you an advantage over your opponent by hearing even his distant footsteps in the rear. Choose headsets that emphasize low frequencies and a sensitivity of at least 105 dB.

Popular questions and answers

How do I connect my gaming headsets to my computer?

There are several options:

  • Connection of headsets with a microphone via 3.5 jack. This is the headset jack that connects to the phone;
  • Connecting a wireless headset via bluetooth. This method is common for connection in telephones, but it can also be connected to a computer;
  • USB connection. Supported by all modern headsets with a microphone, it is relevant among fans of network games.

Headsets must be connected to the computer according to the colors in the corresponding jacks. If you have a headset with one wire, and on the system unit you need a model with two wires, you need to buy an adapter. It will have an input for a combo jack, on the other side there will be two outputs with plugs of different colors.

How do I set up the microphone on my gaming headsets?

To get to the settings, press Win + S to open the menu; find the image of the “house”, select “Control Panel”, in the window that opens: Hardware and Sound – Sound.

Some microphones are active by default – they do not need to be turned on, others need to be activated with a button or switch on the body or the headset wire. Hold the button on the remote control and speak. When released, the device will turn off.


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