BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710R Curved

Gamers on personal computers prefer the use of high-frequency screens, while it may be less important on the level of home devices, for personal computers it is difficult to maintain a constant 60 frame rate due to the varying performance in video games from one region to another, and in the event that variable update technologies are not activated Like FreeSync or G-Sync, if the frame rate is higher than 60 frames (if the monitor is 60Hz) it causes image tearing when V-Sync is enabled, which synchronizes the screen refresh rate with the game frame rate, and if the frame rate is lower than 60 This causes the frame rate to drop instantaneously to 30 frames with a lot of stuttering, hence the great advantage of screens that have a high frequency, which allows players to reach the required performance rates while avoiding the mentioned problems, especially if the screen is Supports GSync or FreeSync, which allows the monitor to offer a variable image refresh rate.

MOBIUZ EX2710R Monitor Main Specifications

MOBIUZ EX2710R is a curved monitor from BenQ that carries a VA panel that has higher contrast rates and stronger black levels compared to monitors that carry an IPS panel. This screen comes in a size of 27 inches and has a resolution of 1440p. This size is popular with a large number of gaming enthusiasts, as it is larger than 24 inches for those who want a more immersive gaming experience, but it is not too large, which means that the image retains its clarity with the 1440p display resolution that guarantees High pixel density without graphics card fatigue as 4k resolution can. The 27-inch screen is a popular choice for many. The screen works at a high refresh rate of 165Hz that allows gaming at up to 165fps for a very smooth gaming experience. The screen also has a very high input or response speed which results in a very smooth gaming experience. In terms of brightness, the official specifications mention up to 300 nits of brightness for normal content and 400 nits when HDR is enabled, as the monitor has a DsiplayHDR 400 license from VESA. The contrast level of the screen is 3000:1, as expected from a VA panel, which is significantly higher than an IPS screen can reach and means great black levels, response speed is 1 millisecond MRPT, and color coverage rate is 90% of the standard DCI-P3 chromaticity, used to display HDR content.

This screen has a very large curvature of up to 1000R, just like with the Samsung Odyssey screens. This curvature has two goals: the first goal is to increase the player’s immersion in the experience, and the second goal is to reduce one of the disadvantages of VA screens, which is the limited viewing angles that cause a loss of detail When viewed from angles, this sharp curvature helps to overcome this problem and puts the entire image in the sights of the viewer sitting in front of the screen.

A combination of high performance and image quality

BenQ targets this 165Hz monitor for professional gamers who love to compete in games and esports like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Fifa and PUBG with a high refresh rate that allows games to run at 165fps, as well as racing gamers who will enjoy the curved screen when the use of an internal driving perspective with a resolution of 109 pixels per inch, which ensures a high aesthetic of the image, with various color settings to suit the gaming experience, including Racing game and RPG modes. There are various other modes suitable for watching movies and other uses, including Cinema HDRi, Custom, DisplayHDR, ePaper, FPS, Game HDRi, in addition to the M-Book. This monitor supports FreeSync Premium Pro technology that ensures low input rate and smooth motion during gaming with HDR enabled. It also includes an option to adjust black levels (Black eQualizer), which can be used to reduce the strength of the black color if you want to increase visibility in dark areas, or increase it for a more immersive experience. The screen also supports the Color Vibrance option to control the degree of saturation of colors, and it also includes Motion Blur Reduction to overcome motion blur that accompanies moving objects at high speed in games and provide pure and pure movement.

HDRi . feature

BenQ has worked on its own technology to improve viewing quality with HDR, which is the HDRi feature. The basic idea of ​​HDR is to increase the dynamic range, contrast and brightness to provide a more accurate and realistic picture with better colors, but it may need different adjustments from one game to another, this exclusive technology from BenQ depends on a sensor built into the screen that monitors the lighting conditions and transfer this information to the screen, which improves the image of HDR by special computer algorithms to match it. The feature can also enhance regular SDR content that does not support HDR to provide an HDR-like experience.

Excellent acoustics

Monitors don’t always care about acoustics and that’s where BenQ’s attention to detail comes in. They teamed up with treVolo to offer a premium audio option. This monitor includes two 2.5W speakers with a 5W subwoofer for an excellent 2.1 stereo audio experience without the need for an external audio system, with acoustic processing (DSP) and 5 different audio settings:

  • FPS mode: Focuses on the direction of sounds to help locate enemies.
  • RCG mode: Focuses on bass and ambient sounds.
  • SPG mode: Focuses on human voices and brings them forward.
  • Pop/Live mode: Adjusts the audio signal to suit live music and concerts.
  • Cinema mode: To provide a more immersive experience when watching movies.

MOBIUZ EX2710R is aimed at professional gamers who want a distinctive option with an eye-catching curve.

MOBIUZ EX2710R is a monitor aimed at esports gamers who want the smoothest and best performance possible to help them win against opponents as well as racing enthusiasts who will enjoy the striking curve of the screen. It includes an excellent audio system and remote control for easy changing of settings. Among the languages ​​supported in the menus


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