Arcane (Anime Series) Review

When we learned about the existence of a series called Arcane from Riot games company, we were overjoyed, especially after knowing that the events revolve around the wonderful world of League of Legends.

The Arcane series takes place in the Piltover & Zaun region, one of the regions in the Rontera world of League of Legends.

Over the past period, we followed the events of the first season with great passion, and although we specialize in games completely, we found that it was possible to address the review of the series.

There are many reasons, perhaps the most prominent of which is that the series discusses the events of a game that we love very much, and the other reason is that the series faces a great challenge in how to transfer the events of the game into an anime series.

Many may say that the task is easy because the world of Rontera has many complex stories that have all the elements of the required drama, but in fact the task is much more difficult because the fans of the game are already working on many details about the characters, for example, we already know the story of Jayce in all its details, so the challenge is very difficult in front of Riot games.

Therefore, we are here today to talk about the series and review it, and we will try as much as possible not to burn the events of the series.

Place and time choosing

The first thing we must address is the choice of place and time. The events of the series take place in the Piltover and Zaun area. In fact, this area is one of the most tragic areas in the world of Rontera, and it is an area that is considered relatively new compared to the rest of Rontera, an area that was built A unique system.

The region is divided into an upper part, Piltover, and a lower part, Zaun, and the district as a whole is an important trading district that exports technology and goods to the rest of the world.

The upper part where civilization and prosperity, technology and industry but this prosperity had its taxes paid by the lower part, where the inhabitants of the lower region were consumed and used in the worst possible way from the inhabitants of the upper region.

This situation has resulted in a very distorted society where the people of the upper region live in a wonderful utopia while the people of the lower region live in misery and great misery.

As for the time, the Arcane series discusses a period of time about which we know almost nothing. It is the period before the creation of heroes such as Jinx, Caitlyn, Faye, Jayce, and Viktor.

Here we see that Riot games have solved the biggest problems, as they present a period about which we do not know anything. For example, we are aware of many details related to Jinx’s personality, but we do not know its history and why it became Jinx.

Also, the events of the series cover a fairly long period of time, which resulted in many events throughout the first season, which presented us with 9 episodes.

There is no absolute evil and there is no absolute good

Like any series we follow, we have conflicting parties, one side fighting another, in many works of art we always find that there is an evil side that wants to take over the world, while there is another side trying to prevent evil.

This theme is very famous and presented artworks that we interacted with, like almost all Marvel movies, and we admire these films and are fascinated by them, but we are always on the side of the good side.

The situations here are completely different as Arcane manages to provide a very deep artistic experience, no evil side at all.

The series contains a main evil character called Silco, and in fact when we say evil, we are here using the word in a purely metaphorical manner, although Silco’s actions seem to be very evil, but he has a very logical and acceptable point of view.

Silco is from the lower region and suffered a lot from the oppression of the upper region and now he is a great evil for the people of the upper region, and although his actions are very evil towards the innocents of the upper region, we found them to be highly justified especially since the upper region harms the innocents of the lower region as well.

Returning to the heroes of the upper region, we find that we cannot consider them completely pure, on the contrary, they are motivated by their own ambitions, even if there are benign trends, but they are mixed with personal ambitions as well.

This dramatic dimension added a great value to the series and turned it into a philosophical dilemma, and not just a struggle between good and evil in society. In fact, we found that the conflict had its logical reasons and defended a lot of actions that seem at first glance to be completely extreme and abnormal actions at times.

Even the sub-characters in the series have their motives that move them. We are not in front of an action series that only cares about heroes and burns the rest of the groups and secondary roles whose only role is to die at the hands of the villain.

Silco has a follower who carries out his plans and can be considered his left hand, and this is a very minor character in the series, but nevertheless she has a very pivotal role and pushes the events greatly, and the most important thing is that she is a weighty character despite being a secondary character, and she also has great motives and a case that is convinced of her regardless Regardless of the rationale of the case.

In fact, we do not find this combination much. For example, going back to the Marvel movies, we find that as an audience we completely liked the character of Thanos because of his point of view that motivates him, but we guarantee you, dear reader, that the views in Arcane are very much deeper.

Shocking events

The twist of events, or what is known as the twist, is one of the most important elements that show the quality of the work, and in fact, the series is full of these twists.

If we talk about the twists in this series, we find that it is full of it, starting with the minor twists that occur during the episode and passing through the major twists that occur at the end of the episodes.

With the end of each episode, a special twist occurs that makes you look forward to the other episode, and at the end of the series, a very shocking twist occurs that opens the way for the second season and makes us more excited, but at the same time it ends the events of the first season in a wonderful way with a great deal of satisfaction.

Here we are not talking about an open ending that did not close with the end of the first season and force us to wait for the second season, but rather we are talking about a strong ending that fixed many things and closed important issues and files within the series, but at the same time it opens a new portal for a new part of the series.

Acting performance

In fact, the dubbing is very good, or we can say excellent, but we recommend watching the series in English in order to enjoy the legendary vocal performance of the character of Jinx in particular.

Jinx provided the best acting performance and the fact that the voice actress was able to present the sharp mood swings of the character is a wonderful and perfect form, we can also commend the character of Silco, as she has many strong scenes in which the acting creativity appeared.

In general, all the scenes that brought together Silco and Jinx were very strong scenes, even the way they were drawn and animated was very emotional and had a lot of details. As for the rest of the members, we can say the performance ranged from good to excellent, but we repeat that Jinx and Silco’s performance can be described as legendary.

As for the output, it is excellent, the camera movement and its angles are exactly as it should be, and the torches reach a large extent. Literally every angle of the camera highlights a side of the character on the screen, and the excellent montage helped to reach this degree of creativity.

The scenes are cut perfectly and the entry to the new scenes is completely smooth, all moves are weighted, whether from place to place or from time to time, and the fact that this series is a strong lesson in transferring scenes that Egyptian drama makers must analyze and study to benefit from.

Some unexplained scenes

The Arcane series has an age rating because it contains scenes of violence and sexual scenes. Indeed, the series includes some sexual scenes, but here there is a problem.

Some of the scenes in the series can be clearly understood because they determine the type of relationship between the characters, and sometimes some hidden aspects within these characters are highlighted.

But on the other hand, there are some scenes that we do not yet understand their purpose. We may not have a vision as insightful as the director and writers, but we think many will agree with me that there are useless and feasible sex scenes and you feel that they have been thrown into the series.


Here we are not talking about an anime series whose events are derived from an electronic game, but rather we are talking about a rare piece of art that we can say is a legendary masterpiece that we do not find often.

The characters all have very strong motives and the events are overly complex and complex, we cannot say this party has the right or this party is evil despite the cruelty of the actions in a very large way.

The series discusses very important human ideas. If you sit on your seat and watch the series from another angle, you will find that Arcane discusses very important philosophical issues such as entitlement, who has the right?

Who has the right to impose control over another person in the first place, and to what extent does a person have the right to refuse? We discovered that this is a big dilemma, because the right to control and the right to freedom are mixed together despite their mutual discord.

If the idea is legendary, so is the voice and acting performance, and they were able to show the deep idea that exists within the series, and we advise anyone to watch this masterpiece, whether you know the game or not, or even not interested in the world of games or even anime series.

This masterpiece can be considered a completely independent thing to watch regardless of any inclinations or interests, even if you do not like anime, you should watch this masterpiece.

Game Zone Star Rating

  • Story: 9.5
  • Acceleration and development of events: 9.5
  • acting performance: 9
  • Music: 9
  • Animation: 9.5


  • The story of the series is deep and has many details
  • The twists are excellent and enthusiastic and we are always eager to learn more
  • The events during the episode are weighted and there is no boredom at the beginning or the middle
  • The acting performance is amazing, especially Jinx and Silco
  • The game’s music is legendary
  • Animation and graphics at a very high technical level


  • There are some unexplained sex scenes


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