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9 Evil But “Lovely” Characters In The Game World

Evil Characters Game World
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We always love the heroes of the games who often venture on their crazy journeys, as the conflict remains between two parties in almost all games, and they are good and evil. Good without evil does not make the story of the game a convincing plot, but it is possible to see very corrupt but attractive villains. They move the story of the game forward and the topic may grow until you love the villain himself and grieve if he dies or something bad happens to him.

These lovable villains can never be forgotten so we present to you the top 9 most played villains in games of all time (in no order) and we can’t forget them no matter what happens, let’s see these villains who are always under surveillance.

Joker – Batman Arkham Series

Joker - Batman Arkham Series
Warner Bros. Interactive

“You cannot miss his feelings”, whether in the world of movies or games, he is everyone’s favorite villain, where people love his appearance in any work in general, but do not forget that the Batman Arkham series brought us the Joker out of indescribable human beings, as one of the most famous movements of the Joker is His laughter and this general behavior make him one of the most unforgettable villains in history. The performance of the voice actor “Mark Hamill” in the character of Joker was very legendary and this voice performance is certainly the best without a doubt in any other game in which the Joker is present, whenever we remember his voice and the terrifying way in which the Joker appears we’re very afraid and we exercise very caution during Playing, but unfortunately in every situation the Joker encounters with Batman, the Joker usually acts intelligently and with great control over his tools and all his movements.

Bowser – Super Mario Series


There is no such thing as a villain like Bowser, but here you are asking yourself “Isn’t Koopa King the number one villain in Super Mario?” We will tell you, dear reader, that Bowser is much more insidious, and this is not what we say alone, dear reader, but this is what the entire Super Mario series highlights to us. Bowser’s presence in the Super Mario game has a special taste than any evil, as this villain does not destroy the world like the rest of the villains. Bowser’s first and last mission is to harass Super Mario, for example Bowser is thinking of marrying Princess Peach and sometimes he wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom and he might also kidnap fairies, so far, the motives of this villain are still unknown, character design with He is very classic and simple yet very scary, there may be villains more evil and scarier than him but we will definitely mention Bowser on this list.

The Illusive Man – Mass Effect 2&3

The Illusive Man - Mass Effect 2&3

“A man who never underestimates the forces of good,” The Illusive Man is a very racist and alien person. This villain heads a terrorist organization called Cerberus. This person claims that this organization is dedicated to humanity, but this organization uses violence and sabotage for things that it thinks benefit humanity. Which means this organization does more harm than good? Martin Sheen’s voice acting as The Illusive Man was one of the best in video game history, and we strongly support that because if you haven’t played Mass Effect 2, believe me, if you try it, you’ll love The Illusive Man about the main protagonist of Mass Effect 2.

Edgar Ross – Red Dead Redemption 1

Edgar Ross - Red Dead Redemption 1
Rockstar North

Watch out, there’s a burn

Edgar Ross is a character with a very ruthless and ruthless heart. “Edgar” was an FBI officer who kidnapped the wife and son of the protagonist John Marston (an outlaw) and Edgar used kidnapping as leverage to make his bids, and once he Sitting at home, Jon resumes his normal life after paying off his debt to society. Edgar and his FBI team kill Jon for his past crimes. I’m not saying this is a villain that we love like the previous ones, but he really pushed the story forward a lot because he contributed to one of the best endings in games where Edgar put himself on this list and this character will continue to be the most violent and cruel and also one of the best villains of all time the time.

Vaas Montenegro – Far Cry 3

Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3
Ubisoft Montreal

“Is there a reason why Vaas Montenegro is on the cover of this list?” Yes, although he only appeared in Far Cry 3, he is loved by players and fans of the Far cry series, Vaas Montenegro is a very crazy evil character, but what’s the matter? The fame of this character and making it one of the best villains in the history of games, if not the best of them, is due to the voice actor Michael Mando, who embodied this evil character. The villain Vaas Montenegro is a drug smuggler who kidnaps innocent people and also enslaves his fellow islanders where he meets the hero of the game Jason Brody, Vaas Montenegro is one of the villains that you will love if you don’t already, even if he is making you angry or trying to kill the hero of the game.

Bloody Mary – The Wolf Among Us

Bloody Mary - The Wolf Among Us
Telltale Games

Bloody Mary may not be the worst in The Wolf Among Us, but it is a wonderful gesture from the game, as Marry summons battles to cause the greatest possible pain and also has a supernatural ability, which is instantaneous and instantaneous transmission through any reflective surface, and despite all this with her really horrifying appearance with her vampire teeth and blood spurting frequently from her eyes, Marry is a villain that deserves to be on this list.

Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat

Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat

There are many and many bad guys in Mortal Kombat, but Emperor Shao is very different, as he gets the evillest in the game, the proof of that is his malice, which pushes him to control the countries to be controlled, but not with his armies, he first fights people who protect These worlds are as if he is playing with them and after that he begins to dominate using his armies, because he is mocking humanity as he said:

“If mankind can win the combat tournament to the death, I will leave Earthrealm alone”

None of this has happened yet or ever because the “mortal” has to fight his lieutenants and Shao Kahn himself who will not survive his gigantic hammer appearing out of nowhere, but it’s no wonder that Nary one defeats him and He won the championship.

Bad guys from the Metal Gear series

bad guys from the Metal Gear series

The Metal Gear Solid series is one of the best stealth action games, and the series contains some villains that make one defend almost any character who is evil, there are a large number of villains that we have seen and even loved in the Metal Gear Solid series such as General “Volgin”, a Soviet general His body generates electricity and appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3, and the other villain who is closer to my heart personally than the other is Skull Face, which appeared in Metal Gear Solid V, in general the villains of this series are eccentric which makes them etched in our minds always.

Handsome Jack – Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2
Gearbox Software

The handsome villain Jack is very classic, smart and also kinda charming. This villain is of a different type. He never thinks of killing people or even animals. He lives brilliantly in a satellite that takes the shape of a “Death Star” and the letter H that symbolizes the Hyperion Corporation. his beloved. The moon in which he lives is always visible in the sky, especially when he shoots lasers at the surfaces of the planets, and we forgot to mention to you that he is very rich and nothing indicates this wealth if someone bought a “dowry” made of diamonds, the fact of this villain is very strange but he’s still one of the best villains we’ve ever had. Sometimes the bad guys in the games steal the spotlight from the hero and those you mentioned did it well. We all know that there are other bad guys that have influenced us but we think no one will disagree about these.

We hope we suggested games that you haven’t tried before to play. Please open the door of curiosity to see these villains, or we made you, dear reader, remember them and agree with me in this list, and if there is a villain you wish to find in this list, tell us below in the comments.



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